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Mornington Peninsula Day Trip from Melbourne

Bunyip Tours
Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255

On this full-day excursion from Melbourne, you will get the opportunity to spend a lovely day discovering the culinary wonders and breathtaking landscape of the Mornington Peninsula. To take in the breathtaking scenery of Bass Strait, make your way to the historic Point Nepean National Park and Murray's Lookout. You can indulge your sense of taste by having lunch at one of your favourite local restaurants, tasting wines from the region, and going on a tour of the nearby Sunny Ridge strawberry farm (when in season).

Wonderful day spent with a wonderful and friendly tour host.

After having spent the previous several days visiting the stunning metropolis of Melbourne, our day trip out of the city was a welcome change of scenery. The scenery is breathtaking, and the various stops that we took provided us with excellent opportunities for taking photographs. Alan, our very kind driver and host, claimed to have formerly made his home in the region and was, therefore, a wealth of information regarding it. Both the lunch that we had at The Green Olive Grove and the strawberries that we ate at the farm that we visited had a wonderful flavour. Tour comes highly recommended.

Incredible tour to the Mornington Peninsula!

Congratulations to Bunyip for selecting a tour guide that is so committed, hardworking, and enthusiastic! It's good to see you again, Paul! He goes to great lengths to describe everything in minute detail at each picturesque location. If only we had the option to hire him as our tour guide for the other excursions, we certainly would. I had a great time on vacation. If I could rate it higher, I would give it six stars.

A Day Tour That Cannot Be Missed in Melbourne

We went on a trip that included the hot springs. That is so soothing. Then we went strawberry picking, and after that, we went to the magical mazes. There were so many wonderful things to do! Both Kurt and Brendan were excellent tour guides; they made us laugh, were cooperative, and ensured that we had a good day despite the inclement weather and heavy traffic.

From Melbourne, take a day excursion to the Mornington Peninsula.

Yesterday's excursion of the Mornington Peninsula was led by Gerrard (Gerry), our knowledgeable guide. He performed an excellent job! He exudes an appealing passion and clearly enjoys what he does. Throughout it all, he maintained a lively, intellectual, and entertaining demeanour. Considered to be among the very best in this field. I am grateful to you, Gerry! S & M


Yarra Valley Wine and Winery Tour from Melbourne

Australian Wine Tour Company

Address: Yarra Valley Australian Wine Tour Company

Phone: 0061 (29) 1997 957


Take a day excursion from Melbourne to the wineries of the Yarra Valley on a tour that includes wine tastings as well as lunch at a vineyard. The tour will go for the entire day. During this Yarra Valley wine tour, you will visit four of the region's most renowned wineries, including Steels Gate Winery, Balgownie Estate, Yering Farm, and Domaine Chandon. Each of these wineries is known for producing some of the world's finest wines. You will acquire a deeper comprehension of the terroir and specific qualities of the region as you travel along. This wine excursion is a fantastic way to become familiar with the lovely Yarra Valley wine region, and transportation is accessible from a variety of spots within the Melbourne metropolitan area. If you are interested in going on this trip, click here for more information.

An enjoyable day trip

We had such a lovely time getting to try such a wide variety of high-quality wines in such magnificent settings. This was truly a memorable experience for all of us. John, who was our tour guide as well as our driver, gave us with a lot of interesting information about the history of the vineyards and the wines that we were tasting while also maintaining a fun tone in his delivery of the information to us.
This expedition was fantastic in every way imaginable, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Outstanding Host

Hosted by Kurt, who is not just enthusiastic but also very knowledgeable and friendly. Kurt possesses a tremendous deal of competence.
A delightful day excursion away from the commotion of Melbourne, replete with delectable meals and a vast selection of wines to sample.
My personal favourite is the Yering's George, and because it is just so tasty, I really wish I had purchased more than one bottle of it.
Another memorable experience was having the opportunity to travel to Chandon.

Happy morning!

This day was amazing, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our guide Tony. Delicious lunch at Balgownie Estate. Domaine Chandon is a producer and distributor of champagne. Despite the fact that it was quite lovely, I would have liked to have gone to the YV Dairy or another location in order to get some cheese in the interval.

It was a relief to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

You will find yourself in the breathtaking Yarra Valley, which has the Blue Mountains on each side of it. There are a plethora of various independent winemakers, each of whom is able to accommodate visitors to their establishment.


Yarra Valley Wineries and Puffing Billy Steam Train Tour from Melbourne

Australian Wine Tour Company

Address: Grants on Sherbrooke Rochford Wines Yarra Valley

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


Get ready for an action-packed journey that will take you through the mountains, valleys, and wineries of Victoria. Tea and birding are two activities that may be enjoyed in the Dandenong Ranges. Another option is to ride the iconic Puffing Billy steam train through the green countryside. During your visit to the Yarra Valley, you will get the opportunity to taste excellent wines from the region at the cellar doors of local wineries. In addition, you have the option to upgrade to enjoy a delicious meal complete with wine pairings.

A productive day overall

A truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure. When going on trips like this, the driver-guide combination can either make or break the experience, and we were really fortunate to have such an excellent driver guide. The ride on the bus was unruffled and very relaxing. The excursion on the steam train through the forested countryside was really relaxing and enjoyable. The visits to the wineries in the Yarra Valley went exactly as planned. The highlight of the trip was the five-course meal served in a luxurious setting at the winery. No regrets!

Fantastic excursion just outside of Melbourne

Our driver/guide Paul Chilton is outstanding behind the wheel. I always felt safe. As we made our way out of Melbourne and into the suburbs, he provided us with an insightful commentary. Every one of our trips was meticulously planned, and we spent an adequate amount of time at each location. My favourite parts of the day we're having morning tea, seeing the cockatiels, and having lunch at the first winery. Even though I didn't care for the wines that were being sampled, they were presented in a very professional manner, and everyone had enough time to both taste and shop. The valley had a pleasant temperature. I was told that it was 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but when I verified the conversion on Google later, I learned that it was actually 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Since both the venues and the bus had air conditioning, the brief exposure to the heated temperature did not cause any discomfort. The last visit was for ice cream, and it was delicious. When it came to taking us all back to our respective hotels or evening activities, Paul was incredibly accommodating. The travel on the train was primarily what prompted us to go on this excursion. Because of the weather, however, a diesel engine had to be used instead of the steam engine. The trip was still really enjoyable overall.

A wonderful guide, although the tastings were a little too hurried.

In terms of the entirety of the experience, this was truly remarkable. The journey was brought to life thanks to the tour guide, Peter, who is essentially a living encyclopedia. The Rochford winery had excellent food and service, and each of the three different wineries had a really distinctive atmosphere all on its own. My only complaint is that each tasting only lasted for about five minutes, which made me feel as though I was being hustled through it and that it was an interruption to the other activities that were taking place at each winery.

A tour called the puffing billy.

This excursion turned out to be a fantastic day out. We will meet at 8 a.m. in Federation Square. The bus driver provided a lot of useful information. We indulged in some bush billy tea, veggie bites, and laminations during our stop. It takes around half an hour for the puffing billy train to make the journey up the mountain. You will return at 1 pm, at which point you will be able to continue your day vacation by going to Phillip Island.


Ultimate Yarra Valley Food and Wine Small Group Tour

Epicurean Food and Wine Tours

Address: Yarra Valley Epicurean Food and Wine Tours

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


The Yarra Valley is well known for its gourmet cuisine and outstanding wines, and it is conveniently located just outside of Melbourne. This small-group trip is limited to ten people for a more private tasting experience, and it features an itinerary that is designed to satisfy the most discriminating wine enthusiasts and foodies. Taste local cheeses and wines at the De Bortoli Winery, dine on a multi-course meal surrounded by vines at the Dixons Creek Estate and converse with the people who make the wine there.

The Best Day I've Had in the Yarra Valley!

Bill was very attentive to our needs. The entire day was meticulously organized and catered for us from start to end. They picked us up at our hotel and took us to four different vineyards; lunch and two different meal pairings were included in the price of the tour. The pricing is justifiable given the level of service and quality provided. I would strongly recommend making reservations with them!

The tab and some wine:)

From the wonderful facts about Melbourne to the lovely wines and wineries, Bill was an excellent guide through it all...even at the end of our tour, we had great melodies singing on the way back...

I would strongly recommend this to any wine enthusiast...if you are in the area, you should check out the Yarra Valley...cheers!

Bill, some cheese, and some good wine!

We had a great time on the tour, and you can credit our jovial host Bill and our fellow wine tasters for that.
Cheese paring, a very excellent lunch, and five visits to cellar doors where wonderful wines can be tasted and purchased are included in this tour.
Bill gave us some background information on the area as well as the specific wineries, and then at the end of the day, on the walk back to the hotel, he played the role of the DJ and led singalongs!
Strongly suggested usage

What a fantastic trip!

This was the most memorable part of our tour for us. We have made it a point to see every part of Australia, and we consider this to be our most beloved pastime activity. Because Bill, our tour guide, was so hilarious, intelligent, and knowledgable, the entire trip was elevated to an even higher degree of enjoyment. We had a wonderful time at each of the wineries that we stopped at; we really liked how each one added its own special touch with regard to the cuisine that was served alongside the wine. The panorama and outlook are both breathtaking. The most exciting aspect of the event for us was trying wines that we normally wouldn't choose but ended up really liking anyhow. Last but not least, the lunch that we had while on the tour was quite tasty. Overall, if you want a wonderful, relaxed day filled with lots of laughter, delicious wine, and a nice lunch, this is the trip for you!! I couldn't recommend it enough!!


Yarra Valley Food and Wine Day Trip from Melbourne Including Lunch at Yering Station

Vinetrekker Wine and Food Tours

Address: Domaine Chandon Winery Yering Station

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


This Yarra Valley tour from Melbourne will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in the countryside of Victoria. Your tour guide will take you to the top vineyards in the region, including Coldstream Hills, Medhurst Vineyard, and Domaine Chandon, where you may taste their award-winning wines. This experience is unique among Yarra Valley tours because it includes both lunch and a cheese tasting at two different wineries: Yering Station Winery and De Bortoli Winery. In addition to that, we will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel in Melbourne at no additional cost.

An Absolutely Wonderful Day in the Yarra Valley! 10 Stars!!!

On the ultimate tour of Yarra Valley's most acclaimed wineries Our host, Adrian was just remarkable. attended private tastings of some of the highest quality wines produced in the area while touring some of the region's leading wineries. Lots of bottles cost more than $50 each. Approximately 40 different wines were sampled. The lunch that we had at Yering Station was delicious. There are six members in our group. Everything is included, from wine and cheese pairings to lunch and more; it is well worth the investment!!!

Excellent wine and culinary tour in the Yarra Valley.

Great time spent in the Yarra Valley today. Paul has an incredible amount of local knowledge and is quite familiar with the wineries and vineyards that we went to. This wine tour was head and shoulders beyond any other wine tour that I have been on, earning a perfect score of 10 out of 10. If you are going to be in Melbourne for longer than a day, I strongly suggest that you go on this tour.

Incredible journey across the Yarra Valley and its wineries

It was a brilliant decision on our part to go with Vinetrekker because it allowed us to enjoy the picturesque Yarra Valley vineyards as well as the surrounding countryside around Melbourne, which we had chosen to see. The Yarra Valley was breathtaking, and the fact that it's just about 60 kilometres away from Melbourne made for a pretty laid-back day excursion there.

Stephen was outstanding and made certain that everyone had the utmost attention and care possible. Because this was a rather intimate gathering, we were able to engage in such a high degree of individualized dialogue. Stephen arranged for us to visit some truly remarkable locations, including the enchanting vineyards of Medhurst and Chandon, among others. The lunch at Yering Station was a high point, and Stephen deserves praise for the extensive knowledge and excitement he has shown throughout the day. A gentleman with a wonderful disposition!

Excellent journey through the vineyards of the Yarra Valley.

The day spent visiting Yarra Valley with Paul was one of the highlights of our trip. He was incredibly warm and welcoming, as well as extremely knowledgeable. Paul led us to several lesser-known wineries, which we would have otherwise missed on the larger tours. Because of his extensive network of connections, we were able to meet the winemakers and have engaging discussions with them about their delectable wines and the background of their vineyards. Strongly suggest it to each and everyone!


Yarra Valley Gourmet Small-Group Ecotour from Melbourne

Go West Tours

Address: Yarra Valley Dairy Yering Station

Phone: 0061 (29) 1348 645


On this intimate food and wine ecotour departing from Melbourne, you'll get to experience the best that the Yarra Valley has to offer. You will not only have wine tastings at the well-known De Bortoli, which is one of the greatest wine producers in Australia but also at the Yering Station. Following lunch, you will visit the Rochford Winery. This trip also highlights other gourmet craftsmen and local farmers in the Yarra Valley by providing scrumptious as well as an educational sampling of fruit, juice, cheese, and chocolate.

Yarra Valley Gourmet Tour - An Unforgettable Day with an Outstanding Tour Guide

Coming back to Melbourne for the third time.
Excellent guide service Sam led us on a tour of the Yarra Valley, during which we stopped at the Yarra Valley Chocolatier, the Coldstream Cheese shop, and Yarra Farm Fresh for some local fruit and preserves. Other stops included the Rochford, Yering Station, and DeBorteli wineries.
It was a great time, and Sam really helped make the most of it for us. I would suggest this organization to everyone, and we will definitely be using them again for another tour the next time we are in town.
It was very simple, and the price was reasonable. Thanks again, Sam!

Pleasant Winery Visit

The wine tour was quite enjoyable. This is the perfect tour for you if you are someone who appreciates their wine because you will be drinking a lot of it throughout the journey. You also get the opportunity to visit some farms that offer cheese and fruit, which is a pleasant addition because it is satisfying to give back to the farmers and their products are of high quality. Graham, who served as our tour guide, was also fantastic.

The highlights of the Yarra Valley compressed into one unforgettable day

TripAdvisor does not quite have the Yarra Valley Food and Wine trip as one of their alternatives, but we decided to book it anyhow. You got a lot for your money, and the day was as packed and varied as you could have hoped for. Throughout the course of a long day, our tour guide and driver, Sam, was laid back but efficient, and he brought us to five different locations. The highlights for me were the wine tasting at De Bortoli, where a wide assortment of interesting wines was explained and sampled in congenial surroundings; lunch at Berthold's, where the food was of much higher quality than expected; and the Yarra Choclaterie, which was fascinating, generous, and had also got superb ice-cream. An absolutely flawless experience that comes highly recommended.

For those who enjoy wine, cheese, and chocolate!

Nothing is rushed, the trip is well balanced and plenty of attractions (gourmet is in the title, after all!)...
The tour guide, Leonie, exuded warmth and was extremely effective in her management of the group during the hectic activities of Good Friday. We give it our highest recommendation due to the extensive and high-quality selection of things on offer, the private wine tastings, the first-rate Rochford winery lunch, and the many available choices.


Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours with Cheese, Chocolate Tasting from Melbourne

Immigration Museum

Address: T'Gallant Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Phone: 0061 (29) 1348 615


Your sense of taste will thank you for indulging in a gourmet tour of the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Taste locally made goat cheese at a boutique dairy, cellar door tastings of regional wines and cider, and delectable fruit-flavoured chocolates and liquors at a strawberry farm. Cellar door tastings are also known as tasting rooms. Enjoy some free time to look about the town of Flinders, and then go for a stroll on the beach if the weather is nice. This small-group trip, which is restricted to no more than 24 participants, will provide you with an enjoyable and personal experience.

Extremely enjoyable

the tour was made that much more enjoyable by our guide Tim. He was a wonderful storyteller, really hospitable, and nothing was too much effort for him. Throughout the course of the day, we sampled local produce that was not only delicious but also fresh, diverse, and of high quality. This tour comes highly recommended.

The tour was really amazing.

Our tour guide, Adrian, was fantastic and really informed. It was a wonderful tour that included tastings of cheese, strawberries, cider, and wine. The tour was a complete success. The most enjoyable wine tour I've been on so far.

A great number of stops,

Never stay on the bus for too long. Wonderful tastings at three different vineyards, a cider brewery, a cheesemaker in the neighbourhood, a strawberry farm, and a chocolate shop for lunch. Additionally, there are some wonderful opportunities for photography at the many beaches and lookouts.

Well worth taking a day out of your holiday to do this trip.

many places to visit, offering delectable sampling options of cheese, wine, cider, chocolate, and strawberries among another delectable fare. The landscape was breathtaking, Rob was an excellent driver, and everyone's hosts were kind and welcoming. This vacation was so enjoyable that I have already told my family and friends about it and given them my highest recommendation. Excellent cost-benefit ratio.


Yarra Valley Wine and Wildlife Day Trip from Melbourne Including Healesville Sanctuary

Vinetrekker Wine and Food Tours

Address: Healesville Sanctuary Yering Station

Phone: 0061 (28) 3790 974


The Yarra Valley is one of the most well-known wine districts in Australia, and it is located about an hour's drive east of Melbourne. During this guided tour, you will spend the morning at the Healesville Sanctuary, where you will get the opportunity to see kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and other native Australian animals. In the afternoon, you will travel to the beautiful Yarra Valley. There will be two wine tastings, a delicious lunch at the winery, and comfortable transportation both ways included in the price.

Great experience

Great experience. Our guide Rob was wonderful. Both the food and the wine were of the highest quality. At the sanctuary, we were able to get very near to the kangaroos.

Unique and wonderful experience!

During our excursion to the Yarra Valley, we had a great time together as a group. Rob was our tour guide, and he gave the impression that he was having a great time escorting us around. Due to the fact that we had a lot of questions for him throughout our tour of the Healesville Animal Sanctuary, his firsthand knowledge of the native animals of Australia proved to be quite helpful. Regardless of how peculiar the topic was, in most cases, he was able to provide not just an informed response but also an amusing anecdote to accompany it. Inquire of him regarding his surfing dog; the animal is really talented!:)

An excellent method to pass the time during the day

Travelled across the Yarra Valley and stopped at the Healesville wildlife sanctuary during the course of the day. Even though it rained on and off throughout the day, our tour guide Rob managed to have a positive attitude and ensure that everyone had an umbrella. He had a wealth of local knowledge and was eager to point out interesting landmarks and kangaroos along the journey. The lunch was very fantastic, and the wine tasting was a lot of fun. The cheese and wine pairing that was offered at a different winery was without a doubt the highlight for me.

Wine Tour with Vinetrekkers

Our guide for the excursion was Adrian from Vinetrekkers. A Tour Guide who is both highly experienced and informed. We visited a number of "high-end" wineries, and we had a delicious lunch at one of them. This particular winery was hosting a special event, and helicopters brought in a large party for the occasion. We appreciated the knowledge of the wine hosts as well as the high quality of the wines that were offered. The winery at Medhurst Estates stood out to us the most, and we ended up buying a case of their wine to bring back to the United States. Even though we had signed up for the animal tour at the Sanctuary, we were unable to go because the temperature that day was 110 degrees. Vinetrekkers did offer us credit for our participation in that segment of the tour. This tour will be at the top of my priority list once I go back to Melbourne, Australia.


Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs and Wine Tasting Day Trip from Melbourne

Bunyip Tours

Address: Mornington Peninsula National Park Peninsula Hot Springs

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


This full-day tour from Melbourne will take you to the Mornington Peninsula, where you can treat yourself to an enjoyable day trip. Unwind with a soothing bath in the mineral-rich waters of Peninsula Hot Springs, and then get a taste of the local flavour with a wonderful lunch and wine tasting at a nearby restaurant. Visit a neighbouring winery or strawberry farm, depending on the time of year, and ride the Arthur's Seat Eagle gondola for breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay.

Amazing time spent outside

A really enjoyable and action-packed day spent with a friend of mine. We had plenty of time to relax in the springs, take in the sights of the picturesque winery while having lunch, and even go zip wiring through the Enchanted Adventure Garden. Whether you are travelling alone, with a group, or with a partner, highlight the things that come highly recommended.

Incredible scenery combined with a wealth of amenities

The spa pool was particularly nature-inspired, as it was encircled by trees and frequented by birds. The top pool is fantastic and has a breathtaking panoramic view. The SPA treatment was really soothing and relaxing. It is wonderful to be able to relax here for a quarter of the day.

Day honouring mothers and daughters

We were allowed admission to the adult-only section of the hot pools, which made for the most relaxing and enjoyable day ever. The establishment exudes a high level of professionalism, with courteous staff members and careful attention to detail. I can't speak highly enough of this establishment for anybody who enjoys being waited on hand and foot.

Beautiful day

Our pick-up from the hotel occurred exactly on schedule. Phil, who served as our driver, was a gentleman who was also very knowledgeable. We had a wonderful time away. Lunch was the only thing that occurred. It was not very big at all. It was wonderful to have what we did. if we had not had cake and coffee before we got there we would have been hungry. Other than that, it was a wonderful day.


Yarra Valley Winery Tour from Melbourne Including Lunch and Local Guide

Wild Wombat Winery Tours

Address: Wild Wombat Winery Tours

Phone: 0061 (29) 1348 626


The Yarra Valley is one of the most well-known wine regions in Australia, particularly for the cool-climate wines that it produces. On this tour, which is perfect for people who appreciate wine, you will have the opportunity to visit as many as five wineries in a single day, and you will also have lunch at one of the winery's restaurants. Visits to wineries in the Yarra Valley can also be tailored to fit your interests if you travel there in a small group of no more than eleven persons.

A fantastic day trip

This organization, in especially our guide Ian, provided us with a wonderful day out, and he was really helpful, kind, and informative. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. We went to a few other vineyards, as well as a chocolate shop, a dairy, and a few other shops while we were in the area. The fact that we were a part of such a small group was one of the aspects of the trip that I enjoyed the most because it gave it a more intimate feel.
Ian was easy to talk to and had a fantastic sense of humour; he joined us for lunch and quickly became a member of the crew. I have nothing but praise for both this company and Ian, who served as our guide.

The illustrious Ian

We would like to express our gratitude to Ian, who was an outstanding tour leader and possesses fifty years of Yarra Valley experience. As was to be expected, the wines were wonderful, and the meal was outstanding. Thank you very much, Ian; you really elevated the experience for all of us.

Wonderful time had by all

I booked this trip without knowing anyone else who would be going or what to anticipate. I had such a wonderful time spending it with such a wonderful group of individuals. The several wineries that I visited were all really beautiful. Our driver, Ian, had an incredible amount of information to share. Would most certainly recommend to anyone that they go through this experience.

Wonderful Time Had by All

This tour with our guide, Ian, has now come to a successful conclusion. It was a wonderful day out, and Ian, who was both nice and knowledgeable, made it even better. The wineries that we went to were varied, and each one had its own special atmosphere; in addition, the other passengers on the bus made for some entertaining and engaging company. Added to the whole experience of the vacation. This tour of a small group comes highly recommended. And there is this travel agency.


Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Address211 Wellington Parade S, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

Phone+61 3 9650 0888


The Yarra Valley in Victoria is well-known for the sparkling wine and rich pinot noirs that it produces. Visit a few of the wineries that helped Melbourne earn its reputation for excellent wine during this day trip from Melbourne. This excursion will take you to the Domaine Chandon vineyard in Australia as well as their cellar door, which is one of the most renowned champagne makers in France. You won't be pushed to the back of the group and wind up missing things on this small-group tour of Domaine Chandon; instead, you'll get to go behind the scenes at Domaine Chandon and drink some of their best vintages.

Fantastic tour of wineries and restaurants

We had a wonderful day with Autopia tours going out to the Yarra valley and trying a variety of foods and drinks there, including strawberry port, chocolates, beer, wine, and cider in addition to a great deal of other delicious options. The fact that our tour guide, Richard, was both helpful and friendly without always babbling on was a huge plus. Time passed by quite quickly. It was a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take in the stunning scenery of the valley while sampling a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Fantastic Value For Money!

For my birthday, I invited seven of my closest friends on the Boutique Wineries Tour, and we ended up having the most incredible day. Lunch at the Fergusson Winery was fantastic, and the wine tasting was a lot of fun. Our driver, Alex, went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. This tour company is a lot more affordable than the majority of tours of the Yarra Valley, yet we had no complaints about the trip at all. Absolutely surpassed all of our expectations; we enthusiastically suggest!

Amazing Travel Experience

The tour guide, Christian, was outstanding. The highlight of our visit was being able to go inside the locked vault at the Chandon Winery. All of the tastings were served in fairly ample portions. At Rochford Winery, the lunch was of the highest calibre. The scenery was breathtaking. Education about wine was a lovely experience.

Experience that comes highly recommended!

People who are interested in discovering wine-producing regions of Australia on their own should go on the tour because it is highly recommended. It is conducted in a very cordial and pleasant manner. The groups are not very large. One must be mentally prepared for the fact that by the time the trip is through, the amount of alcohol that will have accumulated in his or her system will be about equivalent to one bottle of wine. Taste tests of cheese, chocolate, and ice cream were among the activities offered at the locations we visited.


Mornington Peninsula Day Trip from Melbourne

Bunyip Tours

Address: Arthurs Seat Eagle Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


On this full-day excursion from Melbourne, you will get the opportunity to spend a lovely day discovering the culinary wonders and breathtaking landscape of the Mornington Peninsula. To take in the breathtaking scenery of Bass Strait, make your way to the historic Point Nepean National Park and Murray's Lookout. You can indulge your sense of taste by having lunch at one of your favourite local restaurants, tasting wines from the region, and going on a tour of the nearby Sunny Ridge strawberry farm (when in season).

Wonderful day spent with a wonderful and friendly tour host.

After having spent the previous several days visiting the stunning metropolis of Melbourne, our day trip out of the city was a welcome change of scenery. The scenery is breathtaking, and the various stops that we took provided us with excellent opportunities for taking photographs. Alan, our very kind driver and host, claimed to have formerly made his home in the region and was, therefore, a wealth of information regarding it. Both the lunch that we had at The Green Olive Grove and the strawberries that we ate at the farm that we visited had a wonderful flavour. Tour comes highly recommended.

Incredible excursion to the Mornington Peninsula!

Congratulations to Bunyip for selecting a tour guide that is so committed, hardworking, and enthusiastic! It's good to see you again, Paul! He goes to great lengths to describe everything in minute detail at each picturesque location. If only we had the option to hire him as our tour guide for the other excursions, we certainly would. I had a great time on vacation. If I could rate it higher, I would give it six stars.

A Day Tour That Cannot Be Missed in Melbourne

We went on a trip that included the hot springs. That is so soothing. Then we went strawberry picking, and after that, we went to the magical mazes. There were so many wonderful things to do! Kurt and Brendan were both fantastic guides; they were hilarious, cooperative, and did not let the inclement weather or heavy traffic dampen any of our enjoyable experiences.

From Melbourne, take a day excursion to the Mornington Peninsula.

Yesterday's excursion of the Mornington Peninsula was led by Gerrard (Gerry), our knowledgeable guide. He did an outstanding job overall! He exudes an appealing passion and clearly enjoys what he does. Throughout it all, he maintained a lively, intellectual, and entertaining demeanour. Considered to be among the very best in this field. I am grateful to you, Gerry! S & M


Yarra Valley Balloon Flight and Winery Tour

Global Ballooning Australia

Address: Yarra Valley Global Ballooning Australia

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


Beginning your day in the Yarra Valley with an enchanted ride in a hot air balloon as the sun rises is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip. After gaining a bird's-eye view of the beloved region's undulating hills and vineyards from above, you can reward yourself with a champagne breakfast once you've returned to solid ground. After visiting four of the most prestigious wineries in the Yarra Valley for tastings at the cellar door, you will have a delectable lunch at the picturesque Balgownie Estate. At the prestigious Domaine Chandon winery, you may cap off the day with a glass of bubbly at the end of the day.

The experience of a lifetime

You had a sense of being a part of the journey from the moment you made the reservation. They drove you to the airport, picked you up from your hotel, forewarned you about the temperature in the morning, received a text message confirming their arrival, and spoke with you once they were outside your hotel. In addition, because you assisted in the process of setting up and breaking down the balloon, you had the fleeting impression that you, too, were a skilled balloonist. The balloon journey was peaceful and incredibly breathtaking in its surroundings. We were also able to spot some wild kangaroos eyeing us from the valley floor as we floated over them. Be forewarned that there is little amount of time between the conclusion of the balloon ride and the beginning of the tour of the winery. The champagne brunch was extremely wonderful, but the wait was necessary. Also, if you plan on taking the winery tour during the summer, be sure to bring a sweater or a warm jacket with you so that you are prepared for the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day!

AMAZING CREW!! Unforgettable experience

I would want to believe that my adventure was one of a kind because the crew went above and above to assist me in realizing a long-held ambition of mine to ride in a hot air balloon, but I am confident that they would have done the same for anyone else. Every single worker, both online and in person, that I communicated with exhibited professionalism, attentiveness, warmth, and friendliness. As a pilot myself, I can assuage the concerns of passengers by reassuring them that their safety was the primary concern during the entirety of the event, which included the spectacular sunrise flight. The winery had a fantastic breakfast buffet with a wide variety of alternatives to accommodate a variety of dietary requirements and preferences. At the conclusion of the journey, pictures were given to us on a USB drive. Those stunning photographs will remain dear to me for the rest of my life. This excursion comes with my highest recommendation! If you are going to go hot air ballooning, you might as well do it in style and with the most reputable business in the area, right?

Breathtaking vistas and an amazing group of people

We had a wonderful time on our hot air balloon ride, and the crew members couldn't have been nicer to us. They even made helping them put up and pack up into a fun activity. Everyone was quite helpful, and they all related some incredible tales. I want to thank you for the amazing ride and the smoothest landing (Thanks Ronald). The breakfast was likewise of the highest quality.


Amazing balloon ride with wonderful views and helpful and friendly staff. We didn't really notice that we were in the air because the flight was so flawless. Everyone kept chuckling thanks to the abundance of dad jokes. Very professional in terms of organization. Incredible how they involve the guests in the deflating and packing up of the balloon; sounds like a very intriguing event. When compared to the employees of the other balloon firms, Global Ballooning's team appeared to be more organized. After everything was over, we took a bus back to Balgownie Estate to have a fantastic champagne brunch at the estate's buffet. After eating breakfast, we began our day's fantastic activities by visiting more wineries. We give this company and the combination tour our highest recommendation.


Yarra Valley Tour with Expert Wine Cider and Chocolate Tastings from Melbourne

Yarra Valley

Address: Punt Road Wines Napoleone

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


During the course of this full-day tour of the Yarra Valley's cuisine and wine, you will have the chance to sample a wide variety of the region's delectable specialities. Pay a visit to two of the area's small boutique wineries to gain an understanding of the wines produced in this region, and then proceed to a neighbouring brewery to try some of the region's beers and ciders. In addition, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery will satisfy your hunger for something sweet by offering you samples of their handcrafted chocolates and ice creams. Both of these items are made from scratch. While you are making your way through the breathtaking valley in a mini-coach that is equipped with space for you to socialise with other passengers as well as storage for cooler boxes in the event that you decide to make any purchases of food or wine along the route, you will be able to take in the sights.

Fun tour! It was nice to get away from the city for a while.

This excursion comes with my highest recommendation due of its breathtaking location, which makes the time spent away from the rush and bustle of the city more than worthwhile. The wine was of great quality, and each of the regions has a personality all its own. The tour guide was really kind and imparted a lot of useful information. At the chocolate location, where we spent about an hour, there were no activities planned, in contrast to the other locations. These activities were available at the other locations. As a consequence of this, the maximum number of stars I can award to this location is four (no guide telling us about the place for example).

A wonderful excursion into the Yarra Valley.

helmed by the empathetic and seasoned director Simon Q. We went on this trip with a friend of mine since we were interested in more than just wine, and the amount of information that we took away from it pleasantly surprised both of us. We were able to experience several outstanding wines, as well as some exquisite ciders, beers, chocolate, and strawberries, all of which were produced in the region and afforded us the opportunity to learn more about it. In addition, we had the chance to taste some excellent wines. The only thing I could find fault with was being having to get up so early; however, if we hadn't done so, we wouldn't have been able to take in the breathtaking scenery of the valley because we wouldn't have had the chance to see it until later in the day. It is something that I would advise everyone to do.

Absolutely loved this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an appreciation for good wine.

premium cuisine, as well as alcoholic beverages and craft breweries. We started off our journey by travelling to a quaint glasshouse where they grew various vegetables and fruits like strawberries, peppers, and capsicums. After our tour of the greenhouses, we were welcomed back with a sumptuous buffet that included fresh strawberries, local cheese, pepper jellies and spreads, as well as strawberry Port, liqueur, and cream. Fantastic! Following that, we went to a store that sold ice cream and chocolate at the same time. We were greeted with gigantic bowls filled with chocolate, and the variety of items that were available for purchase was extensive. Following that, we made our way to a quaint winery that was situated atop a hill and provided a breathtaking view of the vineyards that were below it. It came as a nice surprise to all of us that there were kangaroos free to roam in the fields, and we delighted in watching them hop around while sipping some fine wine. In addition, we chose either the wood-fired thin crust pizza or the giant porcini tortellini for our delicious meal here. Both were prepared with mushrooms and porcini. Delicious! The next stop on our itinerary was the Napoleon Brewery, which was known for serving cider and beers that were served extremely chilled. After that, there was another another stunning vineyard that was nestled among the rolling hills. What a wonderful day, which is the kind of day that I would warmly recommend to anyone.

Wonderful opportunity to experience Melbourne's picturesque wine district.

David, our tour guide, was not only personable and engaging but also highly well-informed, all of which contributed to the fact that the day went off without a hitch. There are many different places to go, such as the Cider Napoleone, a few different vineyards, and the Chocolaterie, where you may be set for a sugar rush; as a result, there is something that will appeal to each and every tourist who comes.


Yarra Valley Beer and Wine Tours from Melbourne by Classic Convertible

Top Down Tours

Address: Yarra Valley Top Down Tours

Phone: 0394894727


While you are riding in elegance, you can sample the delicacies of the Yarra Valley. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin and the fresh air in your hair as your welcoming chauffeur pilots a vintage Chevrolet convertible across the undulating hills and vineyards of the valley. Participate in a narrated tasting of local wines and artisanal brews at one or more of the area's many quaint wineries and breweries. You may personalize your trip by selecting one of four distinct tour options, and some of those options include a gourmet lunch. The number of participants in each group is capped at four to ensure a completely individualized experience.

An old-fashioned outing in an old-fashioned convertible.

My sister-in-law and I knew that for our joint birthday that week, our partners were going to take us to the beautiful Yarra Valley, but we were shocked when our method of transport was an old-fashioned convertible and the charming Emma was our driver and guide. It was the finest day ever because we could do everything at our own pace and there were no time limits. The most exquisite wines, beers, and ciders, as well as the most delectable meals, and of course, chocolates. The ride home was equally as enjoyable, with Bob Marley and The Stones playing on the stereo while we sang along and received positive feedback from everybody we passed along the way. On behalf of the four of us, we cannot thank you enough for a day that will live in our memories and a great birthday surprise. Emma and Top Down Tours come highly recommended, and we cannot thank them enough.

A wonderful opportunity to sample some excellent Australian wines while travelling across the countryside.

We travelled all the way from New Zealand to spend some time together for a girls' long weekend. After learning that the concert we were planning to attend would not take place, we made the decision to book Top Down Tours. The weather was beautiful, and we went to four different vineyards and had a delicious lunch. Emma took good care of us and even let us crank the sound on the way back to the hotel. A wonderful time was had by all, and it is one that we will never forget. This is a trip that both my friend and I highly suggest.

The Yarra Valley was glowing with beauty today.

What an incredible adventure that was! This was one of the most memorable parts of our vacation to Melbourne because it was unique, interesting, and enjoyable all at the same time. Both the wines and the brewery were really attractive. We have recently made several wine purchases and are looking forward to receiving them in the mail.

Emma, I want to thank you for a wonderful day. You can count on us to spread the word to all of our friends to come to visit you.

wineries, excellent cuisine, kangaroos, and Chevrolet automobiles......

We had a terrific time driving across the Yarra Valley without the top on, just like everyone else who participated in this excursion. Even if it's the dead of winter and Melbourne is in the middle of it, feeling the sun on your face while wearing a coat and a beanie and having a brisk breeze remind you that you're alive...... The selection of vineyards was excellent, and the anecdotes told along the way that detailed the history of each one contributed significantly to the overall worth of the visit. The waitstaff at Chateau Yearning should be commended for their careful attention to detail because the lunch that they served was outstanding. (1 person who is gluten intolerant was provided with freshly baked gluten-free bread, many thanks to the chef) After that, we went to Sticks Winery, where they served us a delicious cheese board and other wines, and the whole experience was amazing. Emma took care of our group of four, and we really appreciated the amount of time she gave us at each winery so that the tour felt more like "OUR TOUR." When you are in Melbourne, we think Top Down Tours is an excellent choice for you to make.


Melbourne Food and Wine Small-Group Walking Tour

Hidden Secrets Tours

Address: Hidden Secrets Tours

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


Through the course of this three-hour, small-group food and wine walking tour in Melbourne, you will obtain insider knowledge on the city's illustrious dining scene. In addition to visiting three of Melbourne's most known restaurants, you will also have the opportunity to meet renowned chefs and sommeliers and indulge in special menu tasters, seasonal specialties, and carefully curated wines. You will even receive a map and a meal guide to take with you, so you will be completely prepared for the remainder of your trip.

A culinary and wine tour through the heart of Melbourne

An excellent guide to the many wonderful eateries in Melbourne. As part of our all-inclusive walking tour across the city, we stopped at three different restaurants, each of which served both food and wine. Excellent cuisine, however, there wasn't enough of a selection of wines to taste. At the previous place, we were of the opinion that dessert and coffee would have been a more appropriate choice to bring the evening to a close. The buildings and vistas have received generally positive assessments. We will be returning to each of the eateries in order to enjoy a full three-course lunch.

This was an evening that I will never forget thanks to the great cuisine and wine combinations.

Luisa made us feel very welcome and ensured that we had a pleasant evening. The three restaurants that we went to in Melbourne were fantastic, and we gained a lot of knowledge about dining out in the city. At each of the locations, there was an incredible range of both food and wine. Strongly recommend going on this trip!

The Great Food: Revealing Its Hidden Secrets Tour

We were given this as a gift, and we weren't sure what to expect. However, it turned out to be truly informative and of excellent value, and the food and wine were of amazing quality. The wines were mainly sourced locally, and each venue was happy to accommodate any variations in service. Very interesting venues with lots of history, and we probably would not have tried any of the venues we visited if it weren't for our guide Louisa, who was very knowledgeable about the history of Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

A delightful tour

It was a fun chance to try out three different restaurants in just one evening, all within the span of three hours. Luisa, our tour guide, had a lot of interesting anecdotes to share about the dining scene in Melbourne, as well as even more information on the three locations that we went to, all of which were quite distinct from one another.

At the beginning of our adventure, we went to Taxi Kitchen in Federation Square. There, we were presented with three quite large plates of contemporary Australian cuisine that had a strong Asian flavour. This was served with three different wines, each in considerably more copious amounts.


Yarra Valley Small-Group Wine Tour with 2 Course Lunch and Morning Tea

Wine Tours Victoria

Address: Wine Tours Victoria

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


During this handy small-group day tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the vineyards of the Yarra Valley without having to bother about appointing a designated driver. During this full-day tour, you will visit four or five of the best wineries, taste many different samples, and have a lunch consisting of two courses. You will be kept fascinated by the Mornington Peninsula's undulating hills and seaside beauty as you travel from one winery to the next, and at each stop, you will learn more about the local wine and the process of making wine.

Absolutely amazing time spent outside!

Our wine tour got off to a fantastic start when Melissa picked us up at the hotel and drove us to the Yarra Valley for "Bubbles." What a wonderful way to begin our experience! We were in the company of wonderful people, and we went wine tasting at several charming wineries that are owned and operated by families. The Lunch was the cherry on top of an already delicious dessert. We are adamant in our recommendation that you give it a shot!

Absolute value for money

The day turned out to be wonderful, and Trevor was an excellent guide. Extremely well-informed and enthusiastic about wine and the area it comes from. He took us around to six incredible wineries where the hosts were extraordinarily kind and highly professional. In the end, we made purchases from two of them! The fact that they provide more trips has increased the likelihood of our coming back. Strongest possible recommendation for this one! I am grateful to you, Trevor!

Wonderful tour in the wine country

On our wine tour of Yarra Valley, Trevor picked us up where the cruise ships were docked, and then on the way out of Melbourne, he picked up two more people. I had requested unique wineries that made an excellent pinot noir as well as a good lunch spot with a view of the surrounding area. We went to Pimpernel, which was wonderful; Tokar Estate for lunch, which was also wonderful; Punt Road for fine wines; and St. Hubert for late harvest Viognier, which we purchased. We drank many excellent wines and had a wonderful time together; in addition, the company was wonderful. I am very relieved that we were a relatively small group and that he brought us back to the ship in plenty of time. It was well worth the money. Strongly suggested as an option.

An excellent tour

My friend and I had a fantastic time spending the day with John. We were the only people who had made a reservation, so it was almost like we had the whole thing to ourselves. John possesses a wealth of local experience and expertise (he gave us a history lesson on the city of Melbourne during our drive to Yarra Valley). Due to the fact that it was the middle of August, the weather was pretty unpleasant. Even though it was raining and hailing, we still had a good time at the morning tea held at Warrandyte State Park. Even a wombat in the wild was visible to us! Once we arrived in the Yarra Valley, John brought us to five different tastings, where we were able to try a wide variety of excellent local wines. I'd want to express my gratitude to John for the wonderful day.


Mornington Peninsula Small-Group Wine Tour with Lunch and Morning Tea

Wine Tours Victoria

Address: Wine Tours Victoria

Phone: 0061 (87) 2285 255


During this intimate full-day trip to the Mornington Peninsula wine-growing region, you will have the opportunity to sample great wines and take in the region's breathtaking surroundings. If you choose to take a guided tour of the winery rather than drive yourself, everyone in your party will have the opportunity to taste as much of the wine as they like. Pay a visit to four or five prestigious vineyards, and during one of your stops, indulge in a mouthwatering lunch consisting of two courses.

What an incredible way to celebrate our anniversary!

We had a wonderful time spending the day with Trevor, who is a host who is both highly educated and resourceful. During our tour, each stop was amazing, the lunch was so much fun, and I got to try many new items for the first time, which was a wonderful experience. We are so grateful to you, Trevor, for making our anniversary such a memorable occasion; we had a great time celebrating with you and look forward to working with you again in the future.

The best to you.

We had some free time during our trip to Melbourne for tennis, so we decided to book a tour quite late in the game.
Trevor, who was both our driver and our host for the day, was an extremely knowledgable and likable individual. The day was fantastic, and there were just four of us on our trip.
A nice touch and surprise for our first stop (book and you will find out). If you want a small group wine tour with a terrific host and want to have a pleasant day, then book without hesitation. If you want to find out more, go here.

What a Wonderful Day It Was on the Peninsula!

Trevor was delightful, and he had an incredible amount of local knowledge. Had wonderful connections with each and every one of the beautiful wineries that we visited. We were in no way pressed for time, and our only regret is that we failed to take any photographs.

If there was a way for me to give this item six stars, I would.

This tour really exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Our driver, John, was so kind and incredibly helpful that he went above and above to make today an unforgettable experience for all of us. We had a great day on the Peninsula, and we even got to check out some of the attractions in and near Philip Bay. The lunch was outstanding, and the fact that the morning tea was homemade was a nice touch. I have nothing but good things to say about the excursion to the Mornington Peninsula, and I have no doubt that the remainder of their tours is equally impressive.

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