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Top 20 Restaurants in Melbourne CBD to take a client


Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar

$$ - $$$, Indian, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Address18-20 Bank Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9600 0144


Excellent cuisine and the service was quite kind.

I had to make a last-minute reservation for a get-together with my family and add one additional guest. There was not a single issue. We were able to hear each other in the restaurant because it was sufficiently large, so the ambient noise did not interfere with our ability to carry on a conversation. The food was delicious, and the price was not excessive. Everyone in the group thought that it would be a good idea to get together once more in this location.

Unassuming but good

A pleasant evening spent catching up with friends, during which everyone spoke favourably on the service, which was attentive without being intrusive. We choose the banquet since it offered a diverse range of delicious options and helped us feel completely satisfied after eating it. Both the menu and the serving sizes were generous, as was the wine list, which was also offered at competitive prices. In general, a decent and sturdy venue that we would suggest and go back to if we could.

A soothing and pleasant atmosphere, as well as excellent cuisine

The costs are significantly higher compared to those found at most Indian eateries. It should not come as a surprise that the costs are high given the high quality of the food served and the restaurant's placement in the middle of the city's financial centre.

The restaurant is located in the basement and features dining chairs upholstered in fabric and tables covered with white tablecloths. We opted for a table in the centre of the restaurant, which was situated against one of the side walls. That made both of us very delighted.

Despite the very extensive wine list, we made the decision to drink beer instead. When it came to the meal, we sampled chicken korma, beef rogan josh, and veggie biryani. Yummy and generous in quantity. Cumin seeds contributed to the airy texture of the poppadoms. The raita had a little too much liquid in it, which was our one and only complaint.

Excellent curry.

While we were in Melbourne, we decided to check out curry vault, and we were really pleased with both the cuisine and the service there. The meal consisted of chicken madras, chicken tandoori, rice, and sag aloo. The only thing that took us by surprise was the fact that the sag aloo was more expensive than the main course but other than that, it was a really decent deal for the money. We would come back to see it.


Flora Indian Restaurant

$, Indian, Fast food, Asian

Address238 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 1212

Cafeteria-style Indian restaurant that is both affordable and easily accessible.

The food at this Indian restaurant with a setup similar to a canteen is decent, although it does not strike out as particularly remarkable. Prices for small or large combination servings of one or more curries with either rice or bread can range anywhere from ten to sixteen dollars depending on the size of the serving. The total price for the two small curries, the bowl of dahl, and some bread came to $11.50. It was a pretty satisfying supper, especially considering the cost.
In addition, there is water from the tap that customers may help themselves to, and it is kept in jugs made of stainless steel right close to the serving area. There is also cutlery that can be obtained independently. The entire restaurant has a warm and friendly vibe despite its slightly antique feel.
It is the restaurant in Melbourne that I want to go to the most when I want to have a quick dinner "by myself."

More options are available to satisfy everyone's palate.

The best things about Flora are its location, which is fantastic, its amazing space, and on top of all of that, the incredible range of foods that they offer, which covers the majority of India's regional specialities. All of these things come together to make Flora one of the best restaurants in the world. Even if the tastes of the numerous goods might be distinct from one another, I couldn't help but go to that restaurant whenever I was in the area so that I could try out something different. Respect to the gentlemen who are operating the restaurant, which serves delicious food and has a great atmosphere.

Incredible cuisine from India

If you are looking for authentic Indian food that is also offered at a price that is reasonable, Flora is a great location to start looking. There is a flurry of activity there, and its location in Melbourne is not too far from the Flinder's Street station; in fact, the distance between the two is almost nonexistent. At this particular eating establishment, you can have snacks and whole meals for close to or even less than sixteen dollars total. The most difficult component is navigating the steps required to place an order. You are obligated to get in line, receive a buzzer, and wait in order to proceed. When there are as many people waiting in line as there are right now, the lines tend to blur, and it is not always clear who has made an order and who is still waiting. Despite the fact that this may sound simple, it is not.

Chili Fritter and Kingfisher Beer

Following a few drinks in the area, my Indian friend and I came to the conclusion that we should eat at this establishment, which is situated immediately across the street from the Flinders Street Train Station.

We were each given a Chili Fritter, and on the side, we were given Tamarind Sauce and Mint Sauce to complement the dish.

The fritters, which were delicious but might have benefited from a higher level of heat, paired particularly well with the sauces. This was enjoyed with a crisp Kingfisher Beer, which rounded out the meal nicely.


Kenzan Japanese Restaurant

$$ - $$$, Japanese, Sushi, Asian

AddressCollins Place, 45 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9654 8933


Always amazing

We have been going to Kenzan for quite some time now, and we have enjoyed ourselves there each and every time. It is our family's favourite restaurant, and we really like to go there for important events. The food is both really fresh and incredibly wonderful, plus the service is above and beyond what one would expect. The finest Japanese food in town

Incredibly special

We went to Kenzan for an anniversary dinner, and it turned out to be the most memorable part of our trip. We were both very glad that we chose Kenzan for our special occasion. My Japanese wife has been teaching me the exquisite skill of selecting quality ingredients and presentation for almost 20 years, and we were both so happy that we chose Kenzan.

Real Japanese

I have to admit that the sushi and sashimi were quite fresh. I came here by myself since I wanted a light supper, and while what I got was not terrible, the restaurant simply did not offer many of the Japanese specialties that I was looking for. It would appear that such goods are readily available to me in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other Asian cities, but not in Australia.
It's a shame, but I get it; in the end, it's up to the consumers to decide what services are provided.

Both the food and the service were outstanding!

We were given the suggestion to go to Kenzan by the concierge at the Sofitel where we were staying. It was really true to the Japanese tradition. Following the excellent salad that we all shared, we dove into the steak and the eel. I had never eaten eel before, but I was blown away by both the flavour and the way it was prepared. Before we started eating, we were each presented with a complimentary bowl of buckwheat served cold with noodles. Additionally, extremely good. We had a lot of questions, and we were given polite responses to all of them. I adored it!


Don Don Japanese

$, Quick Bites, Japanese, Fast food

Address: 198 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: 9670 9670

Nothing about this price or this portion is unreasonable at all.

Holy cow, get a grip! It is so difficult to locate a supper that is of acceptable quality for less than AUD10 in the Central Business District of Melbourne, yet look at this bento! You have your option of beef, pig, or chicken, in addition to rice, salad, and fruits, all for just $10 AUD! If you don't have much of an appetite, you may always divide it up among the people you're with. Love it

Food that is both inexpensive and delicious

In my opinion, this is the best reasonably priced alternative for lunch in this town. Amazing traditional Japanese fare, and a glass of wine will set you back about ten dollars. Delicious. An assortment of dishes that are both flavorful and diverse. Extremely generous servings; it is possible to easily satisfy the requirements of two people with only one don. The service is friendly in addition to being quite quick. Seating is restricted, but what is available is sufficient. There is a possibility that you will have to stand in line for one or two minutes, but be assured that the time spent waiting will be well worth it.

You Absolutely Need to Try the Chicken/Beef, Curry Don.

My excursions to Don Don have become more frequent since the beginning of the most recent couple of months. Immediately after finishing my workout at the gym, I make a beeline for this restaurant to pick up my donburi as it is a daily ritual for me. This is without a doubt one of the best restaurants that this town has to offer in my opinion. Due to the fact that I buy my lunch from this establishment on a regular basis, the staff here is familiar with my presence. In the case that there is a lengthy wait, all I have to do is murmur "Chicken" or "Beef" from the front door, and my takeout order will be ready by the time I pay the bill. This is quite convenient.
The exceptional taste of the food had a significant role in my evaluation of this establishment, which led me to give it five stars overall. The rice bowl dinners that I tried in the Chinatown neighbourhood did not measure up to my expectations, and I tried a few different options there.
2. Being a student myself, I find that the price is very reasonable.
3. An excellent value for the money; the quantity is sufficient such that it can easily meet the needs of one who is hungry
4. Every single one of the staff is courteous and deferential.
5. Despite the fact that there are times when the restaurant may be fairly crowded, the establishment is always kept in an appropriate manner.

When I asked for the Niku Udon Beef soup, the waitress handed me two distinct containers, one containing curry and the other containing masala. It was a delectable treat. In spite of the fact that I am not very well-versed in this cuisine, I found the inclusion of the seaweed to be a rather unpleasant experience. I have no right to complain about it when I can plainly see that a large number of other people appreciate it.

The fact that they would only accept payments in cash is the one and only drawback to visiting this location. I was faced with a huge obstacle as a result of this. Following our talk, the manager shared with me the news that they will soon be able to accept payments via EFTPOS. Because the meal is so delicious, I have no choice but to confess that the vast majority of my daily allocation of protein is consumed here. Keep up the excellent level of work that you've been doing, everyone. Cheers.

Service that is Unbelievably Prompt

On Christmas Eve, my friend and I decided to get a bite to eat at this restaurant. We knew it would be busy, and we weren't disappointed. However, the line moves surprisingly quickly, and the food is served almost immediately after it is ordered. The dish is quite tasty and will leave you feeling full. Would without a doubt visit again!



$$$$, Japanese, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options

Address175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9671 4888


Japanese cuisine of the Modern International Era

This is my second time dining at this hip and bustling restaurant. After kindly escorting us to a table, our hostess graciously recommended that we have a pre-dinner drink at the upstairs bar. I got the impression that the workers at the bar didn't really care much about us, and their efforts to serve us were... unremarkable. Not impressive. After what seemed like an unreasonable amount of time, another member of the staff led us to our table. We were seated at a really nice table despite the fact that it was a busy Saturday night. My hubby has always had a passion for oysters. I tried some toro sushi, and while it was delicious, I'm not sure that the one piece will set you back $17.40. After that, we moved on to one of my personal favourites called Kakiage. It's a towering tempura creation that includes hapuka, mushroom, asparagus, eggplant, and corn, and it comes with three different types of salt. Both are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. The beef teriyaki that we served was so tender and flavorful that it practically melted on the tongue. Another dish that left an indelible impression was the charred baby cos lettuce that was topped with macadamia nuts, basil miso, and walnut oil.
In general, we had a wonderful time, although I couldn't help but note that the service wasn't quite as professional as it had been around half a year previously.

The food is outstanding, but it is very expensive.

When approaching Kisume from the street, the only indication that you have arrived is a discreet little sign.

If you weren't specifically looking for it, you probably would have missed it completely.

The restaurant is warm and inviting, and despite its size, it maintains a very intimate feel. In point of fact, it is quiet enough that you could really carry on a discussion at the table without resorting to shouting in order to be heard by the other person. What a welcome departure!

The employees provided us with wonderful service; it was quick, they were polite, and they were very professional. Because the menu contained a large number of distinct options, we needed some time to deliberate over which dishes we should order to ensure that everyone at the table would be satisfied.

The edamame that had been char-grilled and salted was the ideal beginning to the meal. They were served hot, and everyone had a wonderful time eating them.
After that, we moved on to a variety of foods to split, such as pork gyoza and sashimi, as well as wagyu truffles, no nori rolls, and char-grilled broccolini. The chefs at Kisume deserve praise for the exquisite way in which they created each meal using only the most recent ingredients and plating techniques.

Kisume offers an authentic dining experience that is head and shoulders above the norm at many other restaurants in Melbourne, despite the fact that its meals are not inexpensive. Strongly suggested for any event, but especially one of significance! Without a doubt, we will come back here again.

The best lunch I've had in 2019 thus far.

The incredible freshness of the seafood offered. Magnificent presentation. Superb support staff. Excellent drinks. Wow, the bento box is incredible. We paid $113 per person for the set meal, which included an additional course of sashimi. Fantastic great dessert too. Edamame beans that have been charred over coal and covered in salt have the best flavour. Yummy Strongly suggested usage

Lovely cuisine, but a big price tag

Excellent service, and a really pleasant environment. The food is extremely great, but it's not exactly mind-blowing considering how much it costs. I'm glad I went, but I probably won't make the trip again. Beautiful beverages and presentation.


Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar

$$ - $$$, Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

Address23 Oliver Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9639 5777


Visit Lucy now

When one enters the business, they are immediately immersed in a trendy environment that is characterised by dim lighting that is complemented by neon lights, music that is played at a volume that is comparable to that of a bar, and wait staff that is positioned to meet customers at every turn. The exceptional wait staff more than makes up for the fact that the institution is usually bustling with activity and packed to its maximum capacity; they are always ready to assist guests whenever it is required.

The meal is incredible; it has its roots in Asia, but throughout it there are glimpses of influence from other cultures. This provides the idea that the food is both complicated and simple, if that makes any sense. The tempura prawn and eggplant nibbles are incredible; nevertheless, they are not something that I would eat for myself, so the fact that my partner did eat them makes me very happy. Even the main dish, which consisted of barramundi and fish served in the Lucy Liu style, was delicious, and we had no qualms about it. In fact, all of the meals were great. Due to the baked crust being formed of chilli jam, it was hard for me to finish the fish. Congratulations, Lucy, you should be proud of what you've accomplished here.

Amazing dinner

Before we got married, my future husband and I had a fantastic supper together at Lucy Liu before the big day. The servers were fantastic in that they were friendly as well as helpful to the customers. Because the food was so flavorful, and there was such a diverse range of options to choose from, I will most certainly be making another visit.

Amazing, and a lot of fun!

Lucy Liu was one of those places that was completely full of diners on a Thursday evening, which is where we just finished having a fantastic meal with a large party. We chose to "Let Lucy Choose" the dishes for us, and every single one of them lived up to our expectations in terms of flavour and presentation. All of the dishes that were served to us, including yellowfin tuna, pig salad, chicken curry, salmon, and a whole supplemental barramundi, were delicious, and they were especially enjoyable when paired with a Tasmanian pinot noir. Because we enjoyed everything so much and felt the desire for more, we decided to order the whole barramundi. The fact that it was energetic and enthusiastic, in addition to being relatively loud and crowded, added to the overall quality of the event. Option that is strongly encouraged to go with.

Fusion of fiery flavours with tried-and-true classics

Because I am such a big fan of Lucy Liu, I always make it a point to drop by anytime I'm in the neighbourhood. It's a flaming mashup of many kinds of Asian food. When I go out to eat, the three things that I usually get are kingfish sashimi, a crab pancake roll, and a Korean chicken bun.

Steer away of the sparkling water because the carbonation will evaporate as soon as it is poured into the cups. Avoid the sparkling water (due to the dishwashing detergent they use which nullifies the bubbles). The wait staff may occasionally be a little bit pompous, but the quality of the food more than makes up for any shortcomings in this department.

In any other circumstance, you are more than welcome to savour both the food and the beverages. YUMMO!


Bergerac French Restaurant

$$ - $$$, French, European, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 555 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9642 3646


Classic French fine dining

This restaurant has all the hallmarks of a classic French bistro, right down to the welcoming and attentive service staff. The food is outstanding and is prepared with a high degree of particular, the Goat Cheese Tart was delectable and did not in the least feel heavy. Fine eating at its very best: the tables are sufficiently separated from one another, and despite the promptness of the service, we were in no way hurried.

What a fantastic adventure!

We are grateful to the employees at Bergerac for allowing our group of forty persons to eat lunch there. We had made a reservation in advance. Service that is prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous! The food was not only really tasty but also very filling. The atmosphere was perfect for a calm and peaceful meal. When we finally left the restaurant, we did so feeling satisfied and content, and we were unanimous in our desire to go back. I would highly recommend Bergerac to not only my closest friends but also my family members. I am grateful to you, Loic! 🙂

Totally new and wonderful flavour for me

This restaurant, which is situated in a commercial district and was peaceful on Sunday that we visited, features a dining space that is lengthy, spacious, and pleasant. It offers a comprehensive menu in addition to chalkboard specials. Delicious traditional French fare was served on each of our evenings; as an appetizer, I selected crab ravioli so that I could sample the French take on this dish. Instead of the tomato sauce that it is often served in, it was served in a blue swimmer crab soup. It was a novel flavour for me, and I found that I enjoyed it very much. The rates were not unreasonable, and the personnel was helpful despite their high volume of work.

Wonderful opportunity to engage in traditional activities

A fantastic establishment serving classic French cuisine. We had some magnificent steak frites, which came with a magnificent béarnaise sauce. Also on the menu was some magnificent confit de canard. The wine list is excellent, and there is a diverse selection available by the glass. The bombe Alaska was out of this world. The staff is really informed, courteous, and speaks French!!


Melbourne Hwaro Korean Barbecue

$$ - $$$, Barbecue, Asian, Korean

Address562 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9642 5696


A restaurant that serves Korean barbecue and is both attractive and lively

We were unable to locate the restaurant that we had planned to visit, and after driving by Hwaro several times during our search, we came to the conclusion that it appeared to be of sufficient quality to warrant a visit. Even though we hadn't made a reservation, we were seated promptly, and the service was, on the whole, prompt and proficient. Within a short amount of time, we had drinks and a pot of hot coals delivered to our table.
Although none of us had experienced eating in this manner before, we quickly became accustomed to it. Our cuisine was started cooking by the staff, but once we were familiar with the process, we took over the cooking ourselves. The table-mounted call button guaranteed that we received prompt attention anytime we needed something to drink or had a question. There are many other options for seating; we chose a "well"-style arrangement, which required us to remove our shoes and walk on a platform before placing our feet into a hole in the floor below the table; however, there is also traditional seating available.
Excellent points:

+ Really tasty food, freshly cooked at your table!
+ They serve Kirin beer which is always a bonus
+ Helpful staff for newbies to Korean bbq

Not-so-good points:

- The tables around us were quite lively, we struggled to hear each other above some of the noisier guests on one table

First Time

It was our first time going to a Korean BBQ, and the staff was really helpful, making advice when we were ordering and helping us cook the food. The quality of the food was quite high. Sensational tastes. Good wine too. It is very recommended.

Delicious barbeque from Korea

We are big fans of Korean cuisine, particularly the Kim chee and the side salads. The grilling of meats is given a lot of attention at this establishment. This didn't bother us at all, and the food was delicious. More vegetables would have been welcome in our opinion. The inside is tasteful and elegant; it is not a student discount giveaway. Outstanding wine list.

Outstanding food and service.

We hoped that the kids would enjoy themselves more if we made it a game night. The charcoal grill definitely makes use of coal, and the staff is incredibly prompt and attentive. Given that we were. We listened to people who were specialists in grilling, but we didn't pay much attention to the grill itself while they were talking. The personnel here was incredibly friendly and helpful. Much different personnel visited us frequently in order to cut, sort, turn, and otherwise manipulate our meats. It was a real pleasure. The wagyu beef, rib fillet, chicken, and other dishes were delicious, as were the kimchi and zucchini pancakes. I have nothing but positive things to say about the establishment.


Shiraaz Fine Indian Cuizine

$$ - $$$, International, Indian, Vegan Options

Address22 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9629 6484


Great Indian Meal

When I went there, there was a good selection of vegetarian food, including some dishes that aren't as frequent, such as a fried cauliflower curry and a curry made with okra. You had the option of making the spice level of your curry mild, medium, or hot, and the flavours were very powerful.

The tablecloths and napkins are made of cloth, and the service was prompt, kind, and attentive. The atmosphere is relaxing. If you have trouble with stairs, this might not be the best option for you because the restrooms are located down quite a few of them.

Amazing cuisine

Had gone to the Restaurant on March 5th, 2019 with my family, and we all got vegetarian food. The service was outstanding, and the meal was excellent. The Paneer Tikka and the Dal Tadka were both extremely delicious. If you are in Melbourne and are searching for Amazing Indian Food, it is highly recommended that you come.


Tonight, I went to this restaurant in the Central Business District of Melbourne, which is located close to the Immigration Museum, and I had a meal that was just excellent (entry is actually in Flinders Lane though the actual address is 22 William Street).

My second favourite cuisine, after Italian, is Indian food and finding a restaurant that serves it well was one of the highlights of our trip to the south.

Soon after we placed our order, two complimentary pappadums were brought to the table. This was followed by our delectable Chicken Tikka shared appetizer, which helped to set the stage for the subsequent courses, which included Chennai Beef, Lamb Badam Korma, Basmati Rice, plain and garlic naan bread, and Gulaab Jamun, a dessert that was aptly described as a "Sweet Ending" on the menu.

On the warm evening of the Summer season, we were sitting near a window, and we delighted in watching the Flinders Lane passing parade, which included the No. 58 tram as well as pedestrians. It takes a courageous restaurateur to open their restaurant in the central business district on a public holiday on a Monday night, and another couple didn't arrive until we were almost finished with our meal. Despite the fact that we dined quite early, we were really expecting that it would become busier as the evening progressed because the food, competent service, fair pricing, and wonderful surroundings deserve more diners to enjoy them.

Strongly suggest, and it is very likely that I will visit again.

Fantastic location for genuine Indian cuisine.

While I was away from home, Shiraz had flavours that were very Indian. The first dishes we tasted, Paneer Tikka Achari and Tandoori Mushroom, both had excellent flavours. In addition, you can't leave without trying the Dal Maharaja.


+39 Pizzeria

$$ - $$$, Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean

Address: 362 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9642 0440


Discover authentic Italian cuisine and warm hospitality.

We have been going to +39 for a number of years now, and it is an absolute requirement for us whenever we are in Melbourne. Never fails to impress (I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to express to you how wonderful this location is.) The combination of an excellent meal, wine, and service creates a memorable and enjoyable experience.
Never let yourself be let down, and make sure you have a reservation so you can enjoy this.

Great delicious pizza. An authentic taste of Italy right here in Melbourne

When I was in Melbourne, I was craving pizza, so I went to this restaurant, and it did not disappoint. The pizzas were delicious, and the restaurant itself was warm and inviting. In addition to being kind, the personnel was quick to attend to our needs. Strongly suggest it to everybody and everyone.

Excellent service and cuisine.

This establishment is incredible, and if you are in the mood for excellent Italian cuisine, then you should come here because it is the best restaurant in the area. You can tell that everything is cooked from scratch due to the incredible quality of the pizzas and pasta. Because this is such a charming and homey establishment, you really must make reservations in advance (for good reason).


Desi Dhaba

$$ - $$$, Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 134 Flinders St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 9908

Excellent choices for vegetarians.

I came here for lunch and ordered a dish that was quite amazing from the specials menu. The meal included of dhal, rice, and naan bread to accompany it. They offered me water without my having to specifically request it, and we are doing a good job of keeping the tables wiped down and the floors dusted. I am very grateful. The one thing that they didn't see was that my menu was covered in smudges of food. In any event, the meal was delectable, it was a steal, and there was just the right amount of food served.

The Best Indian Restaurant in the Central Business District of Melbourne

Delicious flavours that are reminiscent of home, pleasant service, and hours that stretch well into the night - Very strategically positioned; a "Must Visit" for anyone in the Central Business District who has an interest in Indian cuisine.

Cuisine familiar enjoyed away from the nest

We were a group of ten people, and after travelling along the Great Ocean Drive in the rainy and chilly weather for 14 hours, we were looking forwards to starting off with some spicy Bhajiya and Samosas. We had been travelling for a total of 14 hours at that point. When we were served jira rice and yellow daal, along with Makke ki roti and saag, we had the distinct impression that we were dining in the comfort of our own home.

A tale from Punjab set in Melbourne

One of the popular addresses in Melbourne is a Punjabi cooking address, and a significant number of people from India as well as China and Australia may be found there on a regular basis.

Mr. Akash, the proprietor of the resort, is known for providing exceptional service to his visitors and is assisted in this endeavour by a collection of people hailing from Punjab. Whole wheat flatbread is an excellent complement to dishes such as "ladies finger," also known as "Bendy masala," "cottage cheese with capsicum," and "yellow dal curry."

The food is delicious, but the personalised customer service isn't very good...though the prices are a little on the high side, there's nothing wrong with giving it a try...when placing an order, please mention your prefered levels of salt and spice so that we can make sure you are comfortable with the foot zone.


Dragon Boat Restaurant

$$ - $$$, Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 203 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9662 2733


Dainty Dinner

Honey Prawns were the highlight of the evening, along with additional Sichuan Beef, which was traditional and not watered down in flavour. On our first night in Melbourne, when we were expecting nothing to be open, we were surprised by how accessible Dragon Boat was. Honey Prawns are a specialty of the restaurant. Even though we had to remind the staff that we had ordered the combination fried rice, it turned out to be just as nice as the dim sum, which was also incredibly delicious. The dinner was overall satisfying, and the cost was fair.

The food was outstanding!!

While in Melbourne for the performance, we made a reservation at a Chinese restaurant for lunch. We made the right choice in going with the DB. I tried some Cantonese beef and it was quite delicious. It went perfectly with the combination of fried rice that I served as an accompaniment. There will be more than enough shrimp for my wife! Will most certainly be making another visit.

Dinner following the performance

Because it was so close to where we were staying, after we had finished our evening at the theatre, we made the decision to eat at this restaurant.

Additionally, we had previously visited the location and felt satisfied with it during that time. The banquet was set up for two guests. It was a delectable treat.

Excellent food

We called for supper and a variety of dishes, all of which we found to be wonderful. The service was outstanding, with the exception of the elderly lady owner, who could benefit from a smile and some customer care. Aside from that, I would like to visit again so that I can sample some of the other dishes on the menu.


Nirankar Restaurant

$$ - $$$, Asian, Nepalese, Vegetarian Friendly

Address174 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9642 1995


Incredible venue for the celebration of our wedding anniversary.

Following the advice of our friends, we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a meal at this restaurant after they recommended it to us. The food was excellent. The incredible flavour came from the combination of the butter chicken sauce and the coconut rice. The authentic samosas are delectable, especially when paired with the mint sauce. It comes highly recommended.

Outstanding cuisine and unmatched customer service make this restaurant ideal for those who must adhere to specific dietary requirements.

Dinner with my significant other typically takes place here due to the fact that it is consistently satisfying. The staff is extremely helpful and pleasant at all times. The earlier in the evening we eat, the more peaceful the atmosphere, and the more quickly and freshly our meal is served. Also are highly accommodating to any dietary needs, and they offer gluten-free naan, which is hard to come by, especially in a form that is both good and fluffy, according to anyone who has celiac disease. Once, we brought a huge group of our friends, and despite the fact that they were really busy, the food came out fast, and everyone enjoyed it.

The most delicious and delightful cuisine.

We had travelled here from Hobart and South Australia, and although we liked it, it was not convenient for where we were staying. After being greeted by a sweet young lady, I was shown to my seat. Suraksha, who was working as our waitress, welcomed us with a warm grin and was quite cordial. A point in her favour. She provided us with fantastic care throughout the night, and she also conveyed to us that she enjoyed working at this location very much.
We only had a limited amount of time to eat, so when we placed our order, we were amazed at how quickly the dishes were prepared, despite the fact that the restaurant was very busy. The overall experience was fantastic, and the quality of the cuisine was of a very high calibre. Can highly recommend it to everyone, and we will definitely be coming back.

A memorable supper to cap off our time in Melbourne

The service was quite good, and it was provided in a reasonable amount of time. The cuisine was of very high quality. as well as the location, which was nice. The staff was very pleasant. The only thing that could have been better about our meal at this restaurant was if the individuals sitting at the table next to us hadn't been so loud. However, the establishment was not to blame for that situation. Every meal at the Nepalese buffet, which we enjoyed, was delicious.


Pho Bo Ga Mekong

$, Asian, Vietnamese, Soups

Address241 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 3288

Fantastic Pho

Oh, there are so many different options for you to choose from on Swanston Street in Melbourne. Tonight, we went to Pho Bo Ga, which was the restaurant that I chose since, out of all the restaurants, it seemed to have the most traditional feel, and it was also pretty busy. I hope you like your meal! It's possible that the customers at the restaurant already knew about anything. I went with the chicken and vegetable soup that was offered. You have the choice of ordering in a number of sizes, but when I was shown what other customers were consuming, I found it impossible to discriminate between them. Nevertheless, you have the option of doing so. Even though it will cost you an extra dollar or two, it is strongly suggested that you get the larger bowl even though it will be more expensive. It comes with a plate of bean sprouts and mint, both of which I threw into the bowl of hot pho that I had ordered. The dish also comes with a plate. Along with this purchase, you will also get a complimentary thermos that's already been filled with tea. Because I believed that it was lacking in flavour, I continued to add ketchup manis to it in the hope that it would eventually acquire any. It doesn't matter if you use a spoon, a fork, or chopsticks; the noodles have a slippery consistency that makes eating them tough. As a result, we normally consumed them in an Italian fashion, employing the use of a fork and a spoon. The entire cost of the lunch was $19, and it came with a glass of iced lemonade that was brought around midway through the meal. The beverage was served approximately halfway through the meal. The price was possibly a little bit higher than what I would normally pay, and I will head up towards RMIT, where meals can be purchased for a slightly lesser price than what I paid here.The staff worked quickly and were of great assistance. Wheelchair friendly. Kid-friendly. Accessible even for strollers and prams, however space may be limited.

One of the Finest Examples of Pho

This Pho is one of the greatest you'll find anywhere besides Vietnam. The meat is incredibly tender, and it has a wonderful flavour. They come in large portions, which you might easily split between two people if neither of you has a very voracious appetite. strongly suggested usage.

Delicious cuisine native to Vietnam

After being in Melbourne for such a long period of time, we developed a strong craving for food from other parts of Asia. When we had finished all of our other obligations for the day, we made the decision that we would eat lunch at Pho Bo Ga Mekong since it seemed to be the best option. Even though it was outside of their peak hours, they were still doing a nice business, but we were able to get a table there in the end despite the fact that they were really busy. Even though the service was lightning fast, the waiter or waitress barely cracked a smile the entire time. This was most likely due to the seemingly endless stream of customers who were there to eat a bowl of pho or other Vietnamese delicacies.

The pho is of a high quality, and my favourite component is the pork chop that has been prepared with a lemongrass marinade. While we were waiting for the main courses to be served, we were given spring rolls to snack on. These rolls, like the main courses, were quite delightful.

The second occurrence in a month

Visit this eatery if you're searching for authentic Vietnamese cuisine that is dependably good and well-prepared, and if that's the case, you won't be disappointed.

To be able to take part in the tradition of sharing tables, you will need to be okay with the welcoming staff and the tidy atmosphere.

Because there is such a constant foot traffic there, it is obvious that the locals really like going there. This is not exactly ground-breaking news given the abundance of Asian dining alternatives in the immediate vicinity, but it is amazing all the less. The costs are not unreasonable at all, and the level of service that is provided is adequate.

Perfect for a speedy breakfast or lunch before heading out to watch a play.


Hochi Mama

$$ - $$$, Asian, Thai, Fusion

Address11 Liverpool St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9078 2285


It was tasty, and quite noisy, and I would return.

Large servings, a varied and interesting menu, with a wealth of selections suitable for vegetarians as well as carnivores.
This copy of crumbed and fried fish made by Banana Flower is very tasty. Although it is slightly more dense than the genuine thing, overall it is very realistic.
Delicious appetizers such as satay, bao, and rice paper rolls are served on small plates. Platters with more food, including larger portions of curry, stir fry, and other alternatives.

Excellent traditional cuisine from Vietnam

I go to Hochi Mama rather frequently because my workplace is located relatively near to the restaurant. Every time I go there, I have the impression that I'm experiencing it for the first time.
The dishes are outstanding, and they have that distinctive "punch" that can only come from employing traditional Vietnamese spices and sauces.

It is one of my go-to restaurants in Melbourne and comes highly recommended if you are looking for a chef-driven Asian or Vietnamese dining experience.

Incredible cuisine!

We were in Melbourne for a total of three days, and because the cuisine here was so satisfying, we returned here for two of those days. Plenty of vegan alternatives, and Edie, our waiter, was quite knowledgeable and pleasant. Both of the curries that we got had great and nuanced tastes, and the dishes themselves were exquisitely presented. We had a wonderful time here, and we can't say enough good things about the drinks.

Exceptional Recommendation!

The food was outstanding in every way! It was well worth the sixty-five dollars that we spent to attend the "Me Hungry Now" Banquet. Only just managed to make room for the Golden Gaytime Bao.
Outstanding service to the customer. The reservation guarantees a meal time of an hour and a half, which was more than enough for the two of us. Despite the fact that there were a lot of people there, we were in no way made to feel rushed. Unqualified endorsement!


Box Seafood Restaurant

$$$$, Seafood, Australian, Contemporary

Address189 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 0411


Seafood fest

The hot platter that we ordered was not only wonderful but also featured a diverse assortment of different types of fish. There was only one sauce used for all of the many kinds of shellfish. The service was performed punctually and with careful attention to detail. The one disappointing aspect of the trip was that crawfish were not available during our stay. Other than that, everything else was fantastic. We had planned on going to Lobster Cave for dinner, but we ended up going to Box instead because it was located in a more convenient area. In any event, despite their small size, the Moreton bugs were able to fulfil the role of a suitable replacement.

Quick, healthy, and delectable food

We arrived early for dinner in order to get a good seat for the show, and we were not disappointed in any way. The service was rapid, but not in a hurried manner at all, and the staff was friendly and willing to assist with anything they could. In addition to all of that, the food was really fantastic! The whole snapper was delectable and had the ideal level of heat, but the seafood linguini was only mildly spicy and lacked an adequate quantity of prawns. We had a great time on our travels, and if we had the chance, we would absolutely do it again!

Unchanged in any way

It actually depends on what's on at the Regent Theatre, which is directly next door, as to how often we come here for supper. It could be once or twice a year. It is amazing to have such a fantastic seafood restaurant located in such close proximity to one's residence. When I visited there a few years ago, I wrote a review in which I gave extremely excellent marks to both the meal and the service; the only thing that has changed since then is the name of the restaurant (it was The Box on Collins). Before going to the theatre (this time it was Jersey Boys again), my wife and I usually look forwards to having dinner at Box Seafood Restaurant, and we highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys delicious seafood, regardless of whether or not you plan to go to the theatre later that evening.


Lane Restaurant

$$ - $$$, Healthy, Australian, International

Address: Level 3, 270 Collins Street Novotel Hotels & Resorts, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9667 5800


Excellent restaurant serving brunch in the heart of the city

A variety of classic breakfast foods, including fruits, pastries, bread, and dairy products, as well as a range of coffees and teas to suit your preferences, are all included in the breakfast spread. eggs prepared just as you like them, including omelettes. Great buffet breakfast for $ 36. Excellent food and service, as well as a pleasant view across Collins Street's tree-lined median. Located on the same floor as the building's primary reception desk, which is level 3, in the building.

Excellent cuisine and friendly service.

I needed a quick meal on Friday night, so I went to Lane. Arrived at six o'clock in the evening and was given a very nice window seat. The restaurant did not appear to be very busy and had a pleasant air of openness. In addition to the regular menu, there was a festive three-course meal available to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They gave a discount of 50 per cent to Accor members in addition to the attractive special price of $75. The waitress was also a traveller, and she was known for her friendliness and willingness to assist customers. In between courses, we were asked whether any of us desired to take a seat. We were relieved that we did not have to wait, and we were in and out of there in a little over an hour. A really enjoyable time was had by all.

A calm eating experience with delicious food

The Novotel on Collins, which is owned and operated by Accor, has its own restaurant on-site. After a long day of watching tennis at the Australian Open, we dined very late around 8:00 p.m. The restaurant was not particularly busy at the moment, but there is a lot of space in between each table, so you should have no trouble feeling at ease there. Although the décor is showing its age and might use some updating, this did not in any way diminish the quality of our encounter. They offer items that can be ordered à la carte or as part of a predetermined course. Even though the restaurant was not particularly busy, we had to wait a little while for our lunch despite the fact that the food was properly prepared and presented. The staff was incredibly attentive to our needs.
We did not have a problem because they were not busy when we were there, but we would recommend booking with the hotel directly if you are going there over the weekend because they do not check the online booking service on the weekends. If you are going there over the weekend, do not book using the online booking service because they do not check it on weekends.

Excellent location, as well as friendly and helpful staff.

We couldn't have asked for anything better at the price that we paid! The halls and rooms may be a little antiquated, but the rooms themselves are really well outfitted. They supply all of the amenities that are required for a stay to be considered comfortable. The only item that is lacking is USB outlets for charging purposes. The location on Collins street is quite convenient regardless of the direction in which you choose to travel, and the central business district is easily accessible on foot. The personnel there was absolutely outstanding, deserving of five stars, and was cordial and helpful with whatever whim or request that was made. The only thing I could maybe find fault with is the pool, which, when we went to check it out at night, did not appear to be very clean or sanitary. Aside from that, we are planning to stay at this accommodation once more in the future. We are grateful to Novotel for making our vacation an experience to remember.


Il Bacaro Cucina e Bar

$$$$, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly

Address168-170 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9654 6778


Intimate Dining

il Bacaro is a wonderful restaurant for a more personal experience with Italian cuisine. Moreton Bay Bug Spaghettini, prepared with an abundance of garlic and olive oil, is the dish that everyone raves about. It is a Melbourne dish that you really must sample at least once (and probably quite a few more times after that!). Delicious cheesecake made with agave nectar, topped with blueberry sorbet and fairy floss, is the ideal dessert to have after anything like that. They have some excellent chardonnays that are the perfect complement to the pasta, and they also have some very beautiful dessert wines that are the perfect way to end the dinner. The prices are really fair, especially considering how amazing the service is. Because it is a cozy environment, it is perfect for "date night" and other such occasions.

Numero uno

When you come through the door, you immediately have the feeling that you are about to be pampered. The furnishings are made of dark wood, while the tablecloths are made of white paper. The menu is delightfully straightforward, with a range of pasta dishes (obviously), followed by five or six meat entrees, and a few unusual side dishes. Due to the fact that it is purchased fresh every day from the market, the fish is always the featured special.

I ordered the fish, which was pan-fried in butter and cooked to exquisite perfection. I also had a couple of sides and a glass of chardonnay. Since (in the first place) you eat with your eyes, the presentation could not have been improved upon. The texture, wonderful flavour, and magnificent taste were all top-notch and did not fall short of expectations.

The service provided by the attentive and well-informed wait staff was outstanding... and at the conclusion of your meal, the proprietor bids you a hearty farewell (or manager).

This restaurant is the pinnacle of Italian fine dining, and it would be difficult to find a comparable establishment anywhere else in Rome.

This was the first time I've been to II Bacaro, but I'm sure it won't be the last.

A one-of-a-kind evening out

What else can I say about this incredible restaurant in which every single thing was executed to perfection? We arrived a few minutes early, but that wasn't a problem at all because we were promptly escorted to our table. The staff was really kind and extremely helpful with making wine and other beverage selections. On arriving, a small piece of bread with exceptionally high-quality olive oil. After that, my wife and I both had the duck, and we shared a piece of ravioli. Finally, I had oysters, while my wife had lamb backstrap. The food was so exceptionally delicious, and the presentation was so skilful that you could tell just by looking at the plate that you were going to like everything on it. There was no room, so we had to share the agave nectar cheesecake and the excellent coffee. I just had a few spoonfuls of the cheesecake. Would strongly suggest this to anybody and everyone

Gourmet Dining in the Italian Tradition

I would describe this place as having excellent Italian cuisine that is prepared in a manner that is more sophisticated than the typical Italian cafe. This is a charming, cozy restaurant where you won't have to yell across the table at each other to be heard! We did something that we don't often do, which was to have our main courses followed by dessert. However, the portion sizes of our main courses were not absurdly large, and as a result, we felt that we could handle having some dessert. Every course of the meal was delicious, but I highly recommend saving room for dessert because they are without a doubt the greatest I've had anywhere. We had a wonderful experience with our server, and we would definitely consider going there again the next time we are in Melbourne.


Terra Rossa Restaurant & Bar

$$ - $$$, Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 87 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 0900

People are continuously walking through the entrance.

There is a steady stream of people coming in through the door, but once they are inside, there appears to be plenty of space for them to walk about. This location makes me think of the phone box that appeared in Dr. Who. This is excellent news because the service at this fantastic Italian restaurant, which is known for its pizza and pasta (which shouldn't come as much of a surprise), is just as amazing as the cuisine; in fact, it is spectacular. Because there is always a lot of activity and people there, this location is commonly known as a gathering area. Despite the fact that it is located closer to China Town than it is to Lygon Street, it is without a doubt a place where you need to meet with friends and family to eat your favourite pizza (p.s., the bases are light and the topping is extremely great!)

Excellent supper for the very first night

We stumbled onto this tucked-away eatery on our first night in Melbourne, just in time to feed our children who were suffering from jet lag. The pizza and the lasagne were both quite delectable, and the service that was provided was exceptional. Due to the fact that we slept in during the day, we got off to a late start; therefore, I would recommend that families get going earlier than we did. It looked like an amazing place for families, friends, and couples to get together in the future.

Outstanding quality in both the food and the service.

We got ourselves together and had an early supper before heading out to the theatre. The assistance was supplied in a timely fashion and in a cordial fashion. Both of our pizzas were fantastic, and in addition to a plentiful amount of dough, they were piled high with toppings. A glass of prosecco and a bottle of pretty good Seppelts Shiraz were used to wash all of this down. The restaurant had a very pleasant ambience, and the tables were distributed in a way that was both comfortable and convenient. A delightful setting, whether you're looking for a quick dinner or somewhere to spend the evening with friends.

Arancini 'amaze' balls

Guests from out of town rave about the delicious meal, particularly the arancini balls. Everyone had delicious pasta dishes. Extremely accommodating.


Zio's Ristorante

$$$$, Italian, Contemporary, Seafood

Address14 Lansdowne St, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia

Phone+61 3 9419 0252


Both the food and the service were excellent.

Ate lunch together as a couple during the week. Even when there weren't many people around, the establishment had a cozy and elegant air about it. The seafood degustation menu was wonderful, with the swordfish wrapped in prosciutto being the dish that stood out the most. Service fantastic!

Hidden gem

This evening, my husband and I went to Zio's for dinner, and we both had a wonderful time there. This was our second time there, and we were not let down in any way!

We selected our dishes from a predetermined menu, which was an incredible pleasure. Each and every dish was wonderful. My husband is a man of many appetites, so he also ordered a major dish of pork, which turned out to be excellent. One of the most incredible pork dinners we've ever had, and the mustard that the chef produced from scratch was a real highlight (I loved it so much he gave me some to bring home).

The chef has a kind demeanour and impressive cooking chops. We almost liked his company as much as the food he prepared for us. The foods he creates are a demonstration of his long and excellent experience both in this country and elsewhere.

Zio's has earned our loyalty, and we will not hesitate to suggest it to others. In the midst of the overcrowded and overhyped restaurant industry in Melbourne, this place is a true gem.

Excellent Meals with a Warm and Friendly Host

We came here for dinner twice in the past month, and we plan to do so again in the near future. The cuisine is refined and varied, including layered flavours and occasionally utilizing unconventional flavour pairings, but it is invariably delicious. I would say the cuisine is a modern take on Australian and Mediterranean flavours.

A good selection of wines from the area, however, the prices may be a little steep.

Marc Antoine is a gracious host who goes above and beyond to ensure that his patrons feel at home in his establishment.

Strongly suggested as an option.

From one feat of strength to the next

Zios has had nothing but growth and success ever since its management was switched. Yesterday evening, a friend and I went out, and as an appetizer, we shared a platter that was just mouthwatering. The flavour of my favourite Penne Gratinate has been restored to its previous level of excellence. My sincere gratitude goes out to the staff, who, without fail, always deliver first-rate service.

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