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Trusted in Pakenham for over 20 years our holistic financial advisors & planners will grow your wealth so you can get on with doing what you love.

  • Choose how & when you retire with the right financial plan

  • Pakenham financial advice that helps manage & reduce debt

  • Pay less tax with the right tax strategies

  • Pay off your Pakenham home & free up your time

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Our Financial Advisers and Planners start with you, focusing on your success and remaining committed to helping you grow your wealth and pursue your financial goals.

Get Holistic Financial Planning & Advisory Services in Pakenham

For 20 years, KlearPicture has been a local Pakenham leader in financial services, with the scale and stability to help bring you valuable opportunities. Our priority is managing wealth with the highest standard of care and providing financial advice to help support your goals at any stage of life.

Our unrivalled commitment to Pakenham individuals has always been the personable approach we take to understand your financial needs to deliver the right financial advice. It is this approach, combined with our extensive experience and depth of knowledge, that we are ready to take our relationship with you further. We are proudly licensed to expand our Pakenham financial adviser services – to act as your financial wealth adviser & planner.

We are determined to help build your long-term wealth and develop financial goals tailored to your needs through varied investment strategies. All clients can benefit from receiving the right financial advice service from those seeking to invest now or in the future. The KlearPicture approach is for people who want to adopt a more active with their Superannuation as we actively manage your superannuation more closely and schedule regular performance reviews with you so you’re aware of what’s going on.

Wealth Accumulation

Building the foundations on which to structure your wealth accumulation road map.

Wealth Management

Minimizing tax to free up cash flow for debt reduction and asset building.

Wealth Protection

 It’s not worth risking more than you can afford to lose. See what we can do to help.

Pakenham Financial Advisory & Planning Done Right

We serve an engaged and diverse clientele in Pakenham whom we expect to remain clients forever. During this time, we provide uncluttered, personalized guidance that enhances their quality of life and leads to sustainable and meaningful solutions. We will help to organize and simplify your life in such a way that maximises the whole family’s enjoyment of wealth both now and in the future.

KlearPicture provides leading holistic financial advice and financial planning guidance to those in Pakenham, without the focus on selling financial products. We deliver ethical, holistic and exceptional tips, aligned with your financial circumstances and your best interests.

Klear Picture works with a wide range of clients in Pakenham; we provide individuals, couples, families and businesses with financial advisers with years of experience. It’s this scope of practice that allows our financial planners to operate with an intimate understanding that every customer comes with their own unique set of financial circumstances. For each customer, our primary aim is to provide a personalized and tailored guide on the best strategies that are going to help you achieve desired outcomes.

Get personalised financial advice & wealth planning from advisers who understand.

Financial & Wealth Advice Services

Our range of Abbotsford financial advice services offer comprehensive, personalised solutions for your financial health:

  • Abbotsford Wealth building, financial planning advice strategies
  • Continual portfolio advice and administration
  • Superannuation options, including*:
    • Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)
    • Retail Super Solution
    • Limited recourse borrowing
    • Re-contribution strategies
  • Life insurance and life-risk products
  • Investment strategy, including strategic asset allocation
  • Debt management
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement strategies, including transition planning
  • Business financial planning, including:
    • Business real property transfer advice
    • Succession and intergenerational strategies and planning for businesses
  • Personal and business insurance needs.
All these Abbotsford financial planner services are achieved and managed through wide-ranging investment products to deliver the best advice. These include Australian and international shares and derivatives, government debentures, stocks and bonds, and superannuation products. *AFG, for example, offers an innovative super product. KlearPicture is for people who want to be more active with their Superannuation through a more guided approach.

Whatever it is that you’re setting out to achieve, we’ll provide sound, trustworthy and expert advice and strategy on how we can get you there. Regardless of whether you’re saving for a deposit, looking to purchase property, speed up your mortgage repayments, make an investment or retire comfortably, you’re in good hands when you work the experienced holistic financial advisers we have to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about our financial planning and financial advice services in Abbotsford, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Available on (03) 9998 1940, our expert financial advisers can provide you with the support that you need to secure your financial future. As a holistic financial advice company, we’re here for you – and you only.

Get personalised financial advice from advisers who understand.

Why choose our Financial Advisory & Wealth Planning service?

The question really is why not?

At KlearPicture, we offer more. As your financial solutions provider, we believe in going on the full journey with you. Our Abbotsford financial planning & wealth advice service is the next level. This allows us to realise your immediate and long-term goals and establish your wealth and super plans for the future. Our wealth advice service offers comprehensive and tailored solutions that include:

  • Assessment of your current financial position
  • An articulate Statement of Advice
  • Execution of your approved strategy
  • Proactive management and monitoring of all investments
  • Continual assessment and review advice

With these Abbotsford financial advice services, there is no reason to not let us help you grow your wealth. Our financial advice is not just a one-time experience. We are in it with you on the journey, providing continual guidance as we go along. Come join the journey with us. Call KlearPicture for Abbotsford certified financial planning & advisory right now on (03) 9998 1940 or complete the form below.

KlearPicture was founded on the basis that financial planning and high-quality guide should be exclusively accessible without the sales incentives and kickbacks from big banks. We believe that it is impossible to provide quality financial services while owned or aligned with large corporations. As a holistic Abbotsford certified financial planners and financial advisory firm, we focus on providing sound, exceptional services in one crucial aspect of financial management – retirement planning.

Get personalised financial advice from certified business advisers in Pakenham.

 Benefits of Working With KlearPicture

We offer tailored solutions for your Pakenham financial, wealth & estate planning ambitions.

KlearPicture is not a traditional Pakenham financial planning service.

We provide a team of experts and financial advisers with a broad range of expertise necessary to design your holistic plan.

Other advantages of this exciting partnership include:

  • Access to superior and current research and data enables us to provide informed and immediate financial advice. They have the infrastructure to support analyses of market data from around the world safely and quickly.
  • Importantly, their values and culture were required to match ours so that we were confident that you receive consistent, credible and consummate services and strategies.
  • KlearPicture is not aligned with any banks or Super institutions.
  • KlearPicture provides a flat fee for service as our financial advice is not commission driven.

Operating in the Pakenham financial industry for a number of years, the KlearPicture team found a gap in the market – specialized financial planners – and were able to see the benefits of a financial adviser that focused on one area of financial planning, almost immediately. It’s easy to find a financial adviser that dabbles in every type of financial planning.

As a Pakenham holistic financial adviser, our experts work with each customer one-on-one to deliver tailored, personalised financial advice and strategies. At KlearPicture, you can always count on our financial planners in Pakenham to work with your best interests at heart. We’re here to empower you to successfully manage your funds, to meet your personal finance endgame.

We do not have any relations with financial institutions of product manufacturers. We are not incentivized in any way to provide our clients with guidance and financial advice other than what is aligned with their best interests every year. We also do not have any products of our own either – so you can be assured that everything that we suggest is without conflict remuneration. Rather, we focus purely on providing sound, expert guidance and financial advice that we believe is only going to benefit you and your future.

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At KlearPicture we believe the first step to any engagement is understanding ‘you.’ We’ll assess your financial situation and manage your investments to help you reach your growth goals. We’ll help you choose the appropriate insurance to protect you and your family. Is property the right investment for you? Grow your portfolio with the investments that help you reach your life goals.

Your superannuation could be your biggest asset. We can help you choose between SMSF and alternative super strategies. Our Abbotsford financial advisors can provide more than investment and retirement advice. Managing debt can help protect your future. Your tax position will be impacted by your investment and estate planning strategy. We can help you plan your investments with tax in mind.

Our Abbotsford financial planners & advisory services encompass far more than just money management and the placement of estate planning and other investments. We take a holistic approach to your situation, taking the time to really get to know you, your unique circumstances, and your goals and ambitions. The structure of your personal finances along with the decisions you make can have a significant impact on the outcome of your wealth. When armed with the right financial advice, our clients find themselves in a better financial position to achieve their life goals.

Our Abbotsford financial advice & planning is based purely on providing solutions that are entirely tailored to the individual. To us, each customer is not just another number – but each customer represents a solid relationship with our firm. We strive to create and foster strong partnerships with each of our clients to ensure they feel secure, comfortable, and confident in their financial advice & management.

Your financial advisory team will work closely with you to build the foundations on which to structure your wealth accumulation road map


Building the foundations on which to structure your wealth accumulation road map.

Most of us work every day to earn a living that involves trading time for an income. Your income from employment doesn't have to be your only source of wealth. You can increase your net worth and prepare yourself better for the future. Careful financial advice & estate planning allows you to pave the way for future passive income streams. By considering your investment objectives and risk appetite, we can show how accumulating wealth can extend beyond trading your time to earn and save. You’ll be surprised to discover how the financial resources you already have can start working for you. 

Working with our Pakenham financial planners is characterized by a professional, secure and transparent relationship. Your financial planning situation is incredibly important – that’s why we’re so committed to providing an exceptional financial advice service by our financial planners. When you work with KlearPicture, you work with real people, where you have real conversations. Regardless of your current situation, our expert certified financial advisers will be there for you, every step of the way. KlearPicture delivers guidance that will stand the test of time. We’re motivated by making a fundamental difference to people’s finances and their Pakenham lives. Passionate about providing secure, successful financial plans, our certified financial advisers are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to helping you meet your goals.

Understand how different asset classes can be introduced to your portfolio over time.

  • Managed funds
  • Direct Shares
  • Gearing
  • Direct Property
  • Indirect Property
  • Development
  • Business Acquisition
  • Superannuation
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Contact us for accurate and current financial advice on your accounting and taxation requirements. We work for both you and your business.

Take Greater Control With Professional Wealth Management and Financial Guidance

Learn when is the right time is to invest, and how to build a customised investment portfolio with your choice of managed funds, professionally managed model share portfolios, direct shares, and cash. Model share portfolios can provide a simpler and efficient way of gaining exposure to direct shares, while still enjoying the benefits of professional investment and estate planning management. With dedicated administrators performing all custody and administration functions, including trade execution, settlement, corporate action processing, and tax reporting, you can have peace of mind in our financial adviec & expertise.


There are numerous strategies to minimise the tax you pay - ways to put more of your tax dollars towards investing and debt reduction.

Tax-Savvy Investing & Planning in Pakenham

​On top of their other benefits, model share portfolios can improve tax effectiveness. Investors do not inherit 'embedded' capital gains when investing and as a result, asset transfers may not trigger capital gains tax (CGT). Investors also receive dividends and franking credits as they are earned and losses (including the CGT discount) and can be utilised as they are incurred.

Discover How:

  • Superannuation can maximise your tax position

  • You can minimise your income tax while increasing your investment returns

  • The right structures and investment methodologies can maximise your investment potential

  • Franking credits can help you in your share portfolio

When it comes to financial planning in Pakenham, there really is no substitute for experienced assistance to receive the right financial advice. We develop and deliver strategies every day, that enable our clients to achieve and exceed their goals.

Once we’ve successfully agreed upon a plan, we’re here for the long run. Implementing your strategies is easy when you have an expert on your side. The beauty of working with a holistic Pakenham financial planner company is that we can provide ongoing, attentive support while you implement your sound expert guidance. Whether you encounter significant problems or have small questions, we’re always available to call upon when you’re a client of ours. As you continue to move through the different stages of life, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got a particular team of experts to walk you through every step of your financial plans and objectives.

It’s not worth risking more than you can afford to lose


At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Life is full of uncertainty and risk. Though we feel in control of what we do today, there is always the possibility that something unplanned could occur like injuries or ill health. Adequate protection can prepare for these unforeseen circumstances. It is vital that in pursuit of financial goals you establish the areas which would be at risk should you be unable to work, and develop a plan to control or transfer these risks.


We are always here to guide our financial planning customers on their unique journey. For ideas on how to get started or to book a consultation with one of our financial planner Pakenham experts today, call us on (03) 9998 1940. KlearPicture are pleased to be one of Pakenham’s most trusted holistic financial planners, prioritizing those who are looking to optimize their plans. If you’re looking for the most reliable financial advisors we have to offer, look no further than KlearPicture.

We have more than just a deep understanding of financial advice services for Pakenham locals. We understand people. We’ll work with you to understand how you live (and want to live) now, as well as develop strategies to recommend actions that will achieve your vision for the future.

Our Financial Planning Services

Our expertise is broad, including cash flow modeling, developing share portfolios, investing in property, superannuation strategies, and tax efficiency. We’re also able to draw on the expertise in our sister companies — companies specializing in mortgage lending and specialist investment property guidance.

Risk Retention

This is self-insurance where the risk can be handled for less than the cost of going through an insurance company. Working with our financial planners is characteried by a professional, secure and transparent relationship.

As award winning financial advisers, and financial planning experts we are committed to helping you reach your goals and make your dreams a reality. While we all seek financial freedom and the flexibility to pursue our goals and objectives, the particulars will always be unique to you, and that’s sometimes why speaking to a financial advisor is beneficial. Would you like to organise your finances with a financial adviser so that you can comfortably afford that yearly vacation? Perhaps you’re wondering about the best way to guarantee a sizable retirement fund. Of course, it may be an even longer-term priority such as a private school fund for your children.

Because we understand that everyone wants something different, we’ll spend time with you in relaxed, no-pressure sit-downs to discover together what exactly is it you’re looking for in a financial solution. Then we’ll craft a custom plan designed to fit your needs. Whatever your goals may be, you need a financial plan with wealth creation advice that is specifically tailored to you. Many larger corporations offer a number of set ‘packages’ that claim to target specific goals. However, with so many factors involved in each specific case, the success of these pre-designed plans is far from guaranteed.

Risk Transfer

If a given risk comes to pass, the resultant insurance claim can leave you and your family in the exact same financial position after a loss of your ability to generate sufficient income.

We can help you assess your lifestyle, family, business and financial commitments to ascertain what sort of protection could give you, your family and business partners peace of mind.

For wealth management and creation, you need access to solid wealth creation strategies that will work with your goals and financial situation to get results. Quality financial planning services provide you with investment strategies & estate planning that are geared towards your goals. We believe in giving you choices and offering you advice and education so that you feel confident and strong about the decisions that you are making with your money. From advice on cash flow administration to property investment – we can help and make sure there are no conflicts of interest.

Areas Served

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