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Self –Funded Retirees

A self-funded retiree supports their retirement without the assistance of the Australian government pension. There are some rewards for managing your self-funded superannuation.

Tax bonuses and relief from new laws

More control over your investments

Greater Security

The Australian government looks favourably upon a self-funded retiree because it relieves pressure on the pension system. That does not mean there are not benefits that a self-funded retiree can partake from the government. Many times there are additional benefits to support the self-funded retiree.

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Benefits of being a Self-Funded Retiree

there’s nothing quite like being the master of your affairs.

There’s a sense of accomplishment when you make plans, stick to a strategy, work through the steps and track the process, all with an eye on the end goals. You get to make decisions on your terms – not leave it in the hands of others.

Along with this, as a self-funded retiree, you are not at the whim of political movements in welfare. If the government decides to cut or change the pension, or if the department of social services starts rigorously testing pensioners on their qualification for payments, it’s of no concern to you. You are independent of all those movements.

Of course, having professional advisors who are knowledgeable about all the elements affecting your investing program is a crucial safety net.

You work hard and make sacrifices throughout your employment years. Surely you deserve to enjoy the time after you stop work? The great thing is that even those who feel they’re on a relatively small income can still enjoy a very comfortable retirement.

The key is starting early and making it a long-term strategy. People don’t want to retire and then have to turn the lights and heating off at 8 pm every night because they can’t afford the power bills.

Secondly – those who plan properly for retirement are almost certain to enjoy a better standard of living than pensioners.

Finally – self-funded retiree is extraordinarily generous contributors to the public purse because they are not a burden on social services.

Australian government estimates say that by the years 2020/2021, the annual cost of the age pension to the nation will be $53.8 billion per year. That’s real money that could be going towards health, education or any number of other services.

The more self-funded retiree we get on the books, the less we need to provide financial assistance. Not for one minute do we think pensioners aren’t entitled to put their feet up. They’ve contributed to society for years through both productivity and paying taxes. They’ve earned the right to stop work and have support if needed.

But yes, a rise in those who’ve had the good fortune to get a decent financial education, and made plans for a comfortable retirement, bodes well for us all. It’s something we should all be encouraged to pursue...

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Clearing up Confusion About Self Funded Retirees Tax

Common questions about being a self-funded retiree include:

  • When is the best time to retire?
  • When must I begin withdrawing my retirement savings?
  • Are there any penalties for withdrawing early?
  • When do I pay taxes on the earnings?
  • Am I eligible for any tax offsets?
  • Can I continue working as a self-funded retiree?
  • How much am I allowed to earn if I choose to work?
  • Can I contribute using salary sacrifice arrangements with my employer?

There are no single one-size-fits-all answers. To gather an accurate picture of how your unique retirement should be handled, you will need to sit down with a tax professional.

Remember, the cost of getting good advice is typically tax-deductible. Retirement planning is not just for those already retired. By planning essential retirement decisions sooner, your financial advisory team can end up returning significantly more money than the fee you pay.

Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your goals.

Benefits of Working With Klear Picture

We offer tailored solutions for your wealth ambitions.

Klear Picture is not a traditional financial planning service.

We provide a team of experts and advisers with a broad range of expertise necessary to design your holistic plan.

Other advantages of this exciting partnership include:

  • Access to superior and current research and data that enables us to provide informed and immediate advice. They have the infrastructure to support analyses of market data from around the world sagely and quickly.
  • Importantly, their values and culture were required to match ours so that we were confident that you receive consistent, credible and consummate services and strategies.
  • Klear Picture is not aligned with any banks or Super institutions.
  • Klear Picture provides a flat fee for service as our advice is not commission driven.

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