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Treasha Lim - Director

Treasha’s multidisciplinary advisory roles spanning 20 years ranged from Property Advisory, Mortgage Management, Wealth Advisory and Funds Management.

With the financial services industry’s increasing complexity and compliance requirements, Treasha recognised that clients would benefit more from a team of experts rather than a sole financial planner. So, Treasha continually ensures the Klear Picture team remains ahead with compliance, qualifications and expertise.

Klear Picture is about equipping clients with resources to better question finance experts and make savvy financial decisions. As clients and markets change, Treasha ensures that Klear Picture is at the forefront and expands its expertise and service offerings accordingly so that clients can look after all areas of finance and, throughout their financial lives.

Treasha is the conduit between Klear Picture and Klear Picture’s valued clients. She works closely with her cohesive team of experts to ensure Klear Picture delivers honest, affordable and tailored wealth solutions that transform lives for the better.

“The most rewarding part of being the founder of Klear Picture is witnessing clients having a good experience. The journey often starts with a client visiting as a stranger, throwing us curveball questions to test us, sometimes hostile, sometimes cheeky…then not long afterwards …many of them become friends for life. Such positive feedback gives me the assurance that I am doing something good… and something right.”

Head of Property Advisory

Jolene Teo

Head of Property Advisory

Mortgage Manager, Client Services Manager

Kerri Kronberg

Mortgage & Funds Manager

director of acquisitions

Dominique Choy

Trustee for Klear Picture Capital



Accountant & Tax Advisor

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