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Treasha Lim

Founder of Klear Picture Pty Ltd
Development Consultancy & Fund Management

Treasha’s multidiscipline advisory roles spanning 20 years ranged from Property Advisory, Mortgage Management, Wealth Advisory and Funds Management.

With the financial services industry’s increasing complexity and compliance requirements, Treasha recognised that clients would benefit more from a team of experts rather than a sole financial planner. So, Treasha continually ensures the Klear Picture team remains ahead with compliance, qualifications and expertise.

Klear Picture is about equipping clients with resources to better question finance experts and make savvy financial decisions. As clients and markets change, Treasha ensures that Klear Picture is at the forefront and expands its expertise and service offerings accordingly so that clients are able to look after all areas of finance and, throughout their financial lives.

Treasha is the conduit between Klear Picture and Klear Picture’s valued clients. She works closely with her cohesive team of experts to ensure Klear Picture delivers honest, affordable and tailored wealth solutions that transforms lives for the better.

“The most rewarding part of being the founder of Klear Picture is witnessing clients having a good experience. The journey often starts with a client visit as a stranger, throwing us curve ball questions to test us, sometimes hostile, sometimes cheeky…then not long afterwards …many of them become friends for life. Such positive feedback gives me assurance I am doing something good… and something right.”

Head of Wealth Advisory

Nirlep Kalra

Head of Wealth Advisory and Product Development
Director at Klear Picture (REDT)

Nirlep spent over 10 years in Wealth Management and Advisory helping Australians from all walks of life. Known as the most technical one among the team, you can’t keep him away from studying the financial markets.

What drives Nirlep is helping people design practical financial solutions. His nature is such that he like things to add up, make sense and be accountable.  With a strong focus on objectives-based advice, and solutions-based outcomes, Nirlep works closely with small businesses and individuals.

Solving financial questions is what motivates Nirlep who also finds nothing more rewarding than playing a part in improving financial lives of others. Nirlep’s client focus takes him one step further then your everyday financial planner. Nirlep refuses to just rely on the limited financial or investment instruments available in the industry that sometimes favour institutions more than clients. Instead, Nirlep spends a large portion of his time in Fund Management and Development to design investment products that better meet the needs of clients.

Associate Wealth Adviser Risk & Supperanuation

Carlos Medrano

Associate Wealth Adviser
Risk & Superannuation

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Business in Commerce (Economics, Finance and Accounting) and is passionate about helping clients protect, improve and manage Wealth. Carlos works closely with clients to develop investment portfolios and strategies for their future.

Prior to Wealth and Risk Management, Carlos managed a chain of Priceline and then Subway stores to put himself through University. His sense of responsibility, hard work, and care for others has built great trust among our clients.

Regardless of which stage you’re at in life, Carlos patiently works with you to develop a plan and diligently researches strategies that help you to achieve the life you want.

Mortgage Manager, Client Services Manager

Kerri Kronberg

Mortgage Manager
Client Services Manager

I graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts and started my career in Primary School Teaching because of my love for children and an aspiration to make a positive difference to others. Very quickly, it was apparent that I was too polite to make kids listen. So, I ventured into client services and accounts management roles in the I.T. and Pharmaceutical sectors. Something was still missing.  

In 2015, I returned from a 4-month Eat, Pray, Love vacation in Central America and was introduced to Treasha Lim founder of Klear Picture at a social event. Within a week Treasha contacted me with a job offer. Her pitch was, “Your aspiration to help others is needed. Come start work with me next week.”

It’s been 3 years since being immersed in the world of Financial Services with Klear Picture. What an unexpecting yet personally fulfilling journey! The learning never stops, and the job scope is ever expanding. What gives me tremendous satisfaction is our culture of making a positive difference to the lives of others.

Improving financial lives benefits everyone so I get to meet a variety of clients. Connecting with others at this deeper level provides immense gratification. The highlights of my role as Client Services and Lending Manager is being able to deliver good news on momentous occasions like securing finance for a new home, and also supporting clients through challenging times in their personal lives. Clients become friends and this meaningful level of connection is rewarding to me.

CFO and Head of Accounting & Business Advisory

Nicholas Garland

CFO and Head of Accounting
& Business Advisory

If anyone met Nic on a weekend in his muddied up and battered Ford Ranger, they would struggle to guess he was a lawyer and then an Accountant & Business Advisor. Venturesome Nic enjoys hunting, diving, 4 Wheel Driving and anything to do with the outdoors.

Highly analytical, as you would expect of an accountant, Nic is from New Zealand, with a very down to earth and attentive nature which is why everyone gets along with him.

Nic is unconventional for an accountant as he believes in working closely with other financial experts so that clients are fully aware of how investment and financial plans affect their tax situation in the present as well as the future.

Nic forms an integral part of the Wealth Advisory and Management team. Nic is very informative and goes to great length to present a myriad of financial, taxation and investment scenarios with clients so that they can confidently make investment and business decisions.

Many only visit their accountant for tax returns. Proactive ongoing Tax and Accounting advice saves thousands. Like Nirlep from the Wealth Advisory arm, Nic loves guiding clients from an inefficient financial situation into a much more successful and profitable path. They both work very closely to battle out strategies to place clients in the best possible financial position.

Senior Para Planning

Hayley Wong

Senior Para Planning

Head of Property Advisory

Jolene Teo

Head of Property Advisory

director of acquisitions

Dominique Choy

Director of Acquisitions & Development
Trustee for Klear Picture Capital APAC Unit Trust

Contact us for accurate and current advice on your accounting and taxation requirements. We work for both you and your business.


Klearpicture applies the same unrivalled level of care, attention and expertise to every single one of our clients.

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