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  • Want to invest in property?
  • Confused about where and what to invest your funds in?
  • No time or patience to search the market?

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Melbourne Property Advisory

We understand that finding the right property can be a time-consuming process. Based on your precise needs, we can help you identify the right property and ensure that you only invest in the most suitable property. With our service, you can get access to the widest possible range of properties up for sale.

Tax bonuses and relief from new laws

More control over your investments

Greater Security

Whether you are an experienced property investor, looking to purchase property for a self-managed super fund, or just starting to dip your toe into the property market, having a dedicated team of researchers and qualified investment advisors on your side is critical to a successful property investment strategy.

Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your situation.

We Advise on Property Investment

We minimise the risk, reduce the emotion, save you time and money.

The role of a top buyer's agent goes much further. We apply our expertise, experience and extensive resources - people, technology and processes - to scan the market in inner Melbourne suburbs every working day.

On the property investment side of our business, we identify and shortlist the top-performing assets (based on past performance and likely future performance from capital growth and rental perspective) that are currently for sale. We match one property with one client, based on budgets and existing assets.

We specialise in assisting our clients to avoid property sales and marketing companies (Spruikers) and the pitfalls associated with dealing with these firms. The problem is these firms sell you property from a stock list and they are engaged to represent the developer rather than the buyer.


We can help you identify the finest property and negotiate to your advantage. You can immensely benefit from our experience and we will guide you through every step.

You may want to simply reduce risk and negative impact on lifestyle by having us locate a suitable property for your individual circumstances. There is a great deal of noise in the market place. House and Land, Off the Plan, new, second hand, regional, inner-city, capital growth, cash flow, units, townhouses, duplexes, dual occupancies, but not every strategy is right for every client. We help you avoid the pain of someone aligned with the seller. We help you reduce the risk of a 300k+ mistake

All properties can be sourced from around Australia, we have no vested interests in any one State or in any property or property type over another property or property type.

If you want someone who represents the buyer, an ethical and professional service then call us before you do anything.

We can help you by providing you contact details of mortgage brokers, accountants, conveyance firms, quantity surveyors, property managers, building inspectors. We are independent of all these firms and gain nothing from referring you. We simply want more Australians to retire wealthier.


Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your financial position.

How We Help You

Where to Buy

Melbourne’s inner suburbs have consistently yielded solid capital growth

In Which Street to Buy

Quiet residential streets with access to public transport, services and entertainment.

What Property to Buy

Investing in a property with a free-flowing well built spaces conducive to modern living.

Acquiring the Property

We will find and assist in acquiring a property that is aligned with your financial goals.

By educating and strengthening our client’s understanding of the property market, we work on building long-lasting and genuine relationships by delivering a first-class client orientated service.

We offer our clients support, peace of mind and confidence in achieving their property goals, whether buying or selling.

Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your goals.

Benefits of Working With Klear Picture

We offer tailored solutions for your wealth ambitions.

Klear Picture is not a traditional financial planning service.

We provide a team of experts and advisers with a broad range of expertise necessary to design your holistic plan.

Other advantages of this exciting partnership include:

  • Access to superior and current research and data that enables us to provide informed and immediate advice. They have the infrastructure to support analyses of market data from around the world sagely and quickly.
  • Importantly, their values and culture were required to match ours so that we were confident that you receive consistent, credible and consummate services and strategies.
  • Klear Picture is not aligned with any banks or Super institutions.
  • Klear Picture provides a flat fee for service as our advice is not commission driven.
Book a Complimentary strategy session.

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