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Private Wealth Management (Australia)

Private Wealth Management (PWM) involves the management of assets of Australian's or accredited investors. As private wealth managers we create a close working relationship with our clients to understand their financial needs and to help build a portfolio that achieves their business goals. We provide a range of services, including portfolio management, estate planning, mortgage planning, asset protection, tax management, and other financial services.

Tax bonuses and relief from new laws

More control over your investments

Greater Security

Planning for Strategic Wealth Management

Long-term planning starts with wealth management goals. It is not uncommon to develop a multi-generational vision that includes the transfer of wealth. To successfully navigate the waters of personal wealth management, your financial planning services should take into account an extended timeline.

This is why we specialize in helping individuals and families prepare for the future.

Strategic wealth management combines many of our other services, including:

Business Tax Advice
Buying and Selling Businesses
Due Diligence
Estates Gifts and Trusts
And more

Wealth management includes the strategic planning of tax advice for business structures. In can also incorporate those structures into estates or family trusts. As the accumulation of further wealth ensues, preparations can be made to minimize the taxes while allowing the highest amount to be transferred to beneficiaries.

Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your situation.

Functions of Private Wealth Management

Private wealth managers leverage their expertise in various fields to help individuals manage their wealth efficiently. Here are some of the services offered by private wealth management:

#1 Generate Income

The first assignment of the private wealth manager is to create new income and grow the client’s current wealth. With our wealth of experience in investments, we must take advantage of various investment techniques that will bring in additional income annually.

#2 Asset Protection & Capital Preservation

Private wealth management includes protecting client assets either from lawsuits, government authorities, or other threats. Clients are sometimes sued for numerous reasons, including succession, marital issues, and property disagreements, and they may be forced to compensate the other parties if they lose the lawsuits.

#3 Tax Management

Individuals strive to make the necessary tax payments to stay on the right path. Due to often having multiple streams of taxable income, clients want to choose the most efficient tax plan that will save them money and still comply with the authorities.

Get personalised wealth advice from advisers who understand your business.

Benefits of Working With Klear Picture

We offer tailored solutions for your wealth ambitions.

Klear Picture is not a traditional financial planning service.

We provide a team of experts and advisers with a broad range of expertise necessary to design your holistic plan.

Other advantages of this exciting partnership include:

  • Access to superior and current research and data that enables us to provide informed and immediate advice. They have the infrastructure to support analyses of market data from around the world sagely and quickly.
  • Importantly, their values and culture were required to match ours so that we were confident that you receive consistent, credible and consummate services and strategies.
  • Klear Picture is not aligned with any banks or Super institutions.
  • Klear Picture provides a flat fee for service as our advice is not commission driven.

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