Top 20 Cafes in Melbourne for Client meetings


Caffe e Torta

$$ - $$$, Italian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address314 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 434 595 885


Great brekky

On Easter Sunday, I was looking for a cafe to eat breakfast at and luckily found this place. It has a wonderful atmosphere, people move at a relaxed pace, and the food is delicious. My partner enjoyed the porridge that was made "exactly as Grandma used to make!" while I indulged in some excellent feta mushrooms and poached eggs. Strongly recommend going to this establishment.

Magnificent Coffee, Prepared in the Italian Style...

... we were simply passing by and decided to stop in for a cup of coffee, but we ended up making this location a regular stop during our trip. Lunch and coffee were served to us today, and both were quite tasty. We absolutely adored the ambience, as well as the gracious and humorous manner in which the service was provided in the confined location.

PS be sure to take a look at the parked Vespa out front!

What a goldmine!

The fact that they are aware that Bolognese sauce does not traditionally go with spaghetti, but rather with tagliatelle or fettuccine, is what drew me to this restaurant for lunch. Normally, I don't eat much for lunch. Was not let down in any way. The name literally translates to "coffee and cake," but the establishment offers much more than just that.
The only downside of this establishment, which can be found at the very end of the Royal Arcade, is that it closes at six in the evening, with the exception of Fridays when it stays open until seven.


This cafe is a hidden gem that serves up delicious food, excellent coffee, and friendly service when you're in the city. If you only want coffee and a sweet treat, there are numerous options available to choose from, and the selection on the menu covers everything from breakfast onwards. Take a seat outside and keep an eye on the procession!


Gordon's Cafe & Bar

$$ - $$$, Cafe, Australian, Vegetarian Friendly
Address304-306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 5103

A hearty meal served through a narrow alley

This cafe has an early opening time, usually about 7 in the morning. The staff were good. The apple juice was delicious, and everything of the standard breakfast fare was prepared skillfully. I would go there again because of how convenient it is, plus the meal is wonderfully prepared. You can sit either inside or outside.


I had the lasagne, and it turned out to be pretty delicious. The food is excellent, and the service is also of a high standard. We only ordered one lunch because neither of us was really hungry, and we requested for it to be divided. No issue. Price ranges between $15 and $20 Everything is satisfactory, and we recommend Gordon's Cafe.


On the evening before Christmas, we stopped in for breakfast. We were served promptly and were given a lot of leeway in making our selections from the menu. I started out by placing an order for coffee and hot chocolate, both of which arrived piping hot and were delicious. Breakfast was served in a variety of forms and was available. We went for the full breakfast, which included bacon and scrambled eggs. They were prepared to the highest standards. The coffee shop had been meticulously cleaned, and the staff was quite kind.

My new regular

When I was seeking a spot to eat breakfast in the Melbourne Central Business District, I came across Gordon's. It has grown to become one of my go-to spots whenever I have business in Melbourne. Both the wait staff and the chefs are really nice, and the meal is delicious. It satisfies all of my requirements.


Brother Baba Budan

$, Cafe, Australian

Address359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9347 8664

Amazingly Delicious Coffee

A fantastic location to have coffee, either to drink on the premises or to take away. It is the perfect place for people who are passionate about coffee because they don't serve any syrups, only real coffee, and to be really honest, the coffee doesn't require it. Would suggest it wholeheartedly if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

Excellent for those who adore coffee.

During the week that I spent in Melbourne, the coffee at Brother Baba was hands down the greatest I tasted anywhere. If you're a coffee enthusiast, I can't recommend Brother Baba enough. The atmosphere is quite hip, and they serve an excellent long black.

Hit of Coffee

Excellent songs and excellent coffee may be found at this cozy small establishment. Because there is limited seating inside, it frequently experiences high levels of customer volume.
I really like how the chairs look hanging from the ceiling, and I really like how the door handle is like a coffee scoop. Adorable nook tucked away amid the cobblestone lanes of Melbourne's Central Business District

Unique ambience, excellent quality of the coffee

We decided to come here for the first time after reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, and we were not let down.

The coffee was rich and flavorful, with a bold flavour that was neither burnt nor bitter.
The almond and date milk that they blend together is unique. It's definitely worth a shot, but it's not for coffee drinkers who like more "conventional" flavours.

The staff is friendly and helpful despite the high volume of customers.
Stylishly eccentric ambience, with an excellent musical selection.



$$ - $$$, Cafe, Australian, Vegetarian Friendly

Address20 Guildford Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9043 8844


Beautifully furnished urban restaurant/cafe

Excellent table service and affordable prices, particularly for those of us who are more aware of how our spending habits affect our finances. You won't have to wait an excessive amount of time for your dinner, and the service is excellent. In addition to that, the cuisine is quite mouthwatering. I just do not have enough good things to say about the day's sandwiches, both in terms of their nutritional content and their deliciousness.

A wonderful Melbourne location that is hard to find!

Even though I've been to Krimper quite a few times, the reason I chose to write this review was because I wanted to tell a friend who works in the Central Business District about it. Surprisingly, she was not familiar with Krimper. The first time I came here, it was because a buddy had recommended it to me; nevertheless, I've been back many times since then due to the high quality and diversity of the menu as well as the low rates; it's definitely worth a visit no matter what time of day you eat here!

Always make your way back.

I was in Melbourne for a very long weekend not too long ago, and during both of my visits to Krimper for brunch during that trip, the experience surpassed my expectations, just as it always does. The fact that the second brunch did not live up to the standard set by the previous one is unfortunate, but that is okay with us. In spite of the fact that it is unavoidable, the waitress did not appear to care when I noted the difficulties we were having with the procedure of making the payment.


Breakfasts that have been served here in recent mornings have been nothing short of exceptional. The waitress was great in every respect due to the fact that she was incredibly kind to the patrons and helpful to them. The coffee was delicious and of a very high quality. It's fun to spruce up your space. Would come back into play.


Roule Galette

$, French, Cafe, Healthy

Address: 241 Flinders Lane Shop 2, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9639 0307


This cozy, hidden-away cafe served excellent coffee, and the crêpe they served for breakfast was a highlight of my morning. The cost represented an exceptionally reasonable investment. It is absolutely necessary to go there, where you can observe the preparation of your crêpe and listen to the friendly service staff talk in French.

Wonderfully authentic French crepe shop in the heart of the city. a laneway in the typical Melbourne style. The restaurant may not be particularly large, but it has two locations on opposite sides of the lane, which contributes to its peculiar atmosphere.
The service was provided in a very cordial and professional manner. The crepes were delicious, and the organic cider from France was a wonderful accompaniment to the meal. Unfortunately, one of the crepes was a little chilly, and after mentioning this to the waiter, the payment for that crepe was automatically removed when we paid, which I thought was a really nice gesture. There is no doubt that we will visit again.

This morning, our family of six went out for breakfast together. An excellent cup of coffee. We all ate savoury crepes, which were delicious, but I have to admit that the sweet crepes we saw seemed much more appetizing. Pleasant ambience, as well as helpful and kind staff. We won't miss an opportunity to visit here again.

Due to the fact that I am gluten sensitive, it was really excellent because of how many options they offered, and I would definitely visit again due to the incredible aroma and the courteous staff (who speak French to immerse themselves in the atmosphere), as well as the fact that the meal was incredible.


Caffe E Biscotti

$$ - $$$, Italian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address317/319 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9650 7705

Laneway Lux

Wandering Melbourne laneways uncovering some treats found the perfect venue for breakfast.

A menu to suit all tastes and dietary needs.

It felt very ‘Parisian’ helped enormously by our fabulous French Waiter.

The food was fabulous - generous portions and a lovely atmosphere.

A must do

Light lunch

I was looking for somewhere to have a light lunch on a Saturday and came into this charming bistro that was tucked away in an alley off of Little Collins Street. A pleasant young lady showed us to our table and brought us there.
The French rose that was sold for ten dollars was really satisfying to drink.
In addition to that, we indulged in the $25 pasta special with tiger prawns, which did not disappoint in the flavour department.

Along with helpful and efficient staff, we also serve delicious food and coffee.

We stopped by this restaurant for lunch, and we consumed our meal at the counter that is situated outside of Block Place. Excellent Caesar salad with chicken. Chose it over the cafe further down the street because, in contrast to the other establishment, it did not have any dishes that contained anchovies in their ingredients list. While they only provide a small selection of wines, they have an extensive menu of different kinds of coffee.

Wonderful Lunch Served at the Arcades

On a Saturday afternoon, we had a delightful supper at the Arcades while sitting in the outside seating area and observing the passing crowd. Excellent cuisine and far more impressive service. We can't say enough good things about the cheese board, and we also think the delightful mix of poached eggs and avocado on toast with smashed avocado is a must-try. In addition, the coffee is very good.


Postal Hall

$, Cafe, Australian, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 116 Russell St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9663 0998

Great breakfast

It's a real shame that I didn't discover this till my very final day in Melbourne. Service that is prompt, kind, and helpful in making the pick.
The coffee was as good as you'd expect it to be in Melbourne, and so was the breakfast; poached eggs are considered to be the most delicious option.
In addition, it's a funky venue with excellent music. Calm and laid-back vibes.
Top mark

Delicious lunch and excellent coffee

I am currently on vacation in Sydney, and when I was here, I found the ideal spot for a speedy lunch, complete with attentive and prompt service. The burrito bowl lived up to all expectations. This is the best coffee I've had so far. There's a good chance that I'll go back there for breakfast.

Drive to the location from the highway.

Postal Hall is our go-to restaurant whenever we are in Melbourne since they have the best coffee and a beautiful breakfast menu. We always stay in the Paris neighbourhood of the city while we are there. Simply unrivalled at this end of town in every way. These guys always make us feel welcome, and their cafe in Melbourne has become our home away from home because of their excellent service and friendly atmosphere. That is the highest possible recommendation that I can provide. It's one of a kind.


Seedling Cafe

$$ - $$$, Quick Bites, Cafe, Healthy

Address: 349 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 450 190 365


Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free...

A very modest shop from which one can acquire, in a fast manner and at a cost that won't put undue strain on one's financial resources, precisely what is necessary for one's particular diet. Due to the fact that my wife and I find ourselves in Melbourne on a fairly regular basis, we have made this our go-to morning place in Melbourne for grabbing a bite to eat and our bulletproof coffee. We should offer appreciation to God for Seedling because in a world when most food is fried, processed, and filled with toxins, Seedling is a breath of fresh air!!!

A sweet experience in a Melbourne alleyway

This cafe has a lot of heart despite being located in the centre of the city's busiest neighbourhood, which is Little Collins and Equitable Place. The cafe is tucked away on the corner of Little Collins and Equitable Place. The food is delicious and can be enjoyed by those following the paleo or keto diets because it is diet-friendly.
The assortment of food and beverages more than makes up for the café's other faults, which include the fact that it is on the more claustrophobic side, that it is loud, and that the chairs aren't exactly soft.
The strawberry smoothie and the spiced scrambled eggs are two items that I cannot recommend highly enough to everyone. Both are of very high quality.


An expedient trip that I made to Melbourne all by myself. I was looking for a vegan breakfast that was hearty, warm, and nourishing when I happened onto this restaurant while I was looking for another place to dine. The service was outstanding, and I had a wonderful time eating the warm seasonal bowl that was one of the options on the specials board. It was without a doubt the tastiest dish I've ever had the pleasure of tasting in my entire life. My glands that produce saliva begin to work overtime whenever I give it any thought. Even the soy caramel latte that I prepared for myself turned out wonderfully. Will make it a priority to return the next time I'm in the Melbourne area!!! Thank you!

What a Treasure!

Incredible dining establishment that is able to meet the needs of customers with any and all kinds of dietary restrictions. It is natural, organic, and gluten-free, in addition to adhering to the guidelines of the Paleo diet. My all-time favourite and healthiest dessert was a chocolate caramel slice that didn't contain any raw ingredients, gluten, or processed sugar and was vegan. It was also gluten-free and had no raw ingredients. I went to this café three days in a row to get my decaffeinated flat white with almond milk because it has everything that I could possibly want to eat, and it also has everything else. Amazing!


Self Preservation

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 70 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9650 0523


Pleasant service, delectable fare, reasonable prices, and a laid-back environment

We always eat at Self Preservation while we are in the central business district of Melbourne. The pricing for the inner city is a terrific deal considering how pleasant the service is, how delicious the food is, and how laid back the ambience is. You have the option of sitting at a table or a large bench that is shared by everyone. After arriving in Melbourne from Bendigo on a recent day excursion, we went to Self Preservation for a light lunch and then again for dinner before catching the train back to Bendigo. The train trip was a lot of fun. Before embarking on the expedition, the nightly meal initially consisted of a glass of wine, but it later evolved into a shared plate dinner. We spent AU$69 on the meal, which included trout rillette, sardines, lengthy macchiatos (which are extremely gutsy and caffeinated), and two glasses of wine, viognier and chardonnay. The cost of the wine came to a total of $27, which indicates that the food was both delicious and a decent bargain. Fantastic.

I popped in for a quick bite to eat.

When I got hungry while I was out walking and chatting with a business associate, I decided to stop in here. I ordered the pasta special, and it arrived in a short amount of time. The presentation, the flavour, and the service were all excellent; I absolutely adored the meal.

Drinks and light dinner

This restaurant has a wonderful decor that is both inventive and elegant, with intriguing displays, and the service is kind. The food menu is quite restricted, but this allows for a greater focus on quality, as evidenced by the food's excellent preparation and presentation. In addition to a variety of tables of varying heights and lengths, there is one long community table. Would certainly recommend it.

Cute cafe

This restaurant was a happy accident that a friend and I had for breakfast. We sat outside as it was busy inside. The service was provided in a prompt and pleasant manner. The cuisine was of high quality. The coffee was only available in one size, so it was somewhat small, and my buddy was upset that they did not serve chai tea but other than that, the brunch was very enjoyable. The cakes that were displayed in the window looked really mouthwatering.


Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe

$, Japanese, Asian, Sushi

Address20/620 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9620 9548

Pleasant Japanese Coffee Shop

It is within close proximity to Southern Cross Station. I decided to have the Tsuke Don, which consists of diced premium salmon sashimi, a variety of veggies, and Japanese rice. A reasonable price considering the amount of salmon sashimi that was provided, making this an excellent value for the money. Due to some technical challenges, the staff was very pleasant and fast to advise new clients that they could only accept cash payments from that point forward.

Fast service and dining options

It has finally clicked for me why they name this establishment a Japanese cafe rather than serving Japanese cuisine. A site of interest, including some Westernized, takes on traditional Japanese dishes. We were there for a little under a quarter of an hour. The food was delicious, and the service was lightning fast. Recommended

Matcha pannacotta

Absolutely liked our lunches here, and the atmosphere, which was inexpensive, unique, and wonderful, provided a lovely refuge from the rain that was falling in Melbourne. My go-to Japanese restaurant is located in the central business district of Melbourne. The miso soup was exquisite and genuine, prepared in the traditional manner rather than using powdered. The matcha panna cotta was a pleasant and unexpected treat. As a person who enjoys matcha in all of its forms, I was surprised to see how delicious matcha can be when combined with actual vanilla beans and a base of red adzuki bean paste in panna cotta. A definite must if you're in Melbourne!

Simply said, an excellent location for a good, speedy, and delicious supper.

When we came the first time, they were about to close and were selling their sushi rolls at half price at 8 o'clock. My son said that it was the most incredible sushi roll he's ever tasted.
The following day, we returned, and this time he ordered additional sushi rolls, while I opted for grilled chicken with curry rice. The Japanese curry has a subtle but distinct flavour. Although I've never been a huge fan of Japanese curry, this one doesn't disappoint. The other one of my children has a strong affinity for Japanese curry, and I am sad that he is not here with us today:


1932 Cafe & Restaurant

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address220 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 5494


Great breakfast

I was on the road for business and decided to pop in for a quick brunch. I went with the Smashed Avocado on Toast, which came with a poached egg and a side of bacon. Both the presentation and the flavour were excellent. Even the coffee was wonderful. Will gladly make another trip here.

Amazing cafe

As part of our tour of the Manchester Unity building, we indulged in a delicious brunch at this location, which did not disappoint. A lovely glass of prosecco was waiting for us when we arrived, as well as tea for two, a delectable breakfast, and then an equally stunning dessert. My potato dish which was topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs in hollandaise, and avocado left a lasting impression on my guests. Our morning was made more memorable by the warm and welcoming wait staff. One of the best ways to see one of Melbourne's most famous structures, and one that comes highly recommended.

It is well worth the effort.

The effort required to view this stunning structure is well worth it. The visit had a really positive impression on me. The one and only thing that I would have loved to have seen differently is more time spent on the presentation showcasing photographs from the actual build and opening day, among other things. Additionally, the breakfast was quite wonderful, and the coffee was excellent.

Breakfast and a Tour of the Manchester Unity Building

An excellent tour is given by Chloe, who is an exceptionally well-informed tour guide. A truly stunning Art Deco structure that is currently undergoing a stunning restoration. The rooftop deck and the board room with the wood panelling were two of my favourite features.
The breakfast was decent, but it was not at all what had been represented. There was no smashed avocado with bacon and eggs, and there was no smoked salmon, eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Instead, there was an adequate frittata and a rather garlicky mushroom ragout.
The trip was enjoyable, and the dinner was decent.


Soul Cafe

$$ - $$$, Quick Bites, Cafe, Australian

Address: 195 Swanston St The Swanston Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 1300 650 315

Excellent coffee!

While we were staying at the Swanston Grand Mecure, which is the hotel next door, some of us came in here for coffee and breakfast on multiple occasions. The coffee received five stars from me since we all agreed that it was consistently good and better than average. The rates for their breakfasts are reasonable, and the meals themselves are of high quality. If you want your poached eggs to have a more runny consistency, just say "soft." Because the bacon is delicious, we decided to come again to this restaurant.

A satisfying meal of fish and chips.

I was excited to notice the fish and chips on the menu because I had a voucher for lunch. There are a great number of restaurants that have modernized their menus by covering the food in "decoration" such as green leafy objects or offering "sides" of coleslaw, among other things. Thankfully, the wait staff complied with the patrons' demands to avoid throwing away perfectly fine food when they asked them to do so. These are things that aren't consumed by everyone. The only thing missing from fish and chips is a dollop of tartar sauce. Accessibility for people who use wheelchairs is the topic of the following questions. This is not fair at all. Regarding this matter, I have zero knowledge. I have just exited through the entrance door after walking in from the "games room" which is filled with slot machines.

Unobtrusive but satisfying

One morning, while staying at the Mercure Hotel next door, we came here for breakfast and enjoyed the omelettes, poached eggs, and coffees that were offered. Everything was satisfactory, the service was prompt, and we saw a lot of residents on their way to work picking up morning beverages and breakfast foods.

Excellent breakfast and very quick service

It is possible that you will miss this modest café because the sign is not particularly prominent; but, if you want a very excellent breakfast at a time when the majority of the other cafes in the area are closed, it is well worth your time to stop by.
The menu is limited, but it has something to satisfy every taste. If you go, I highly recommend the zucchini, pea, and halloumi fritters because they were incredible and looked delicious as well. The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is calm while still being welcoming.


Bowery to Williamsburg

$$ - $$$, American, Cafe, Australian

Address16 Oliver Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9077 0162


...A good pickle made all the difference

A delicious breakfast. It's worth mentioning that the waiter recommended getting coffee at the bar rather than waiting outside in the cold. While I was butting elbows with Dianne, she was searching for more on the shared bench. The fennel that has been pickled is the highlight.

Waffles and amazing fried chicken

On this teeny-tiny road in Melbourne, which is where you may find some of the most mouthwatering surprises in all of Melbourne, you will find some of the greatest coffee in all of Melbourne. Down this way, you will also find some of the most delicious surprises in all of Melbourne.

There are seats available both inside and outside, and downstairs there is a large table that may be used by everyone. There is a vast selection of delicious and satisfying cuisine that are prepared in the style of New York City (Australianised). The staff is quite kind and helpful, and the portions are far larger than average.

Although I have used this space for professional gatherings in the past, the level of ambient noise is such that it would be challenging to watch a film or take part in a conference call with another individual.

People who use wheelchairs or strollers may have a difficult time accessing the building because there are multiple stairs.

In the event that you are interested in obtaining a genuine flavour of American cuisine, I cannot recommend this enough to you.

A passageway in New York City

The discovery of this quaint eatery in an alleyway in Melbourne, which exudes an atmosphere reminiscent of New York City, proved to be a pleasurable experience for breakfast. The robust dishes could be ordered from a menu that was open throughout the day, and the service was lightning fast and really pleasant. The fact that breakfast was served at a communal table, which is something that not everyone likes to do first thing in the morning, was an inconvenience for some people.

Such a fun place

It was only appropriate for us to enjoy brunch at this specific institution given that we had previously called New York home. A menu that captures the spirit of New York in its entirety, replete with bagel and sandwich options. It turned out to be a fantastic outcome! We could tell that the quality of the cuisine was high because there was a line of customers that wrapped around the entire block. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers!


RMB Cafe Bar

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address37 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9671 4455


The best customer service ever!

This morning, a friend and I decided to have brunch at RMB café. Wonderful Kristy, who was serving us, assisted us in determining what we wanted to get and made some helpful suggestions. She observed that I did not enjoy the taste of the smashed avocado with goat cheese that I had ordered, and she offered to change the entire meal for me. Excellent customer service and a high level of awareness. She contributed greatly to us having a nice time. Will without a doubt be returning? It's time for Kristy to get a raise!!!

On such a chilly day, we offer warm service.

We decided to eat at this restaurant on a chilly day in Melbourne, and the golden calamari, superb fries, and attentive service more than satisfied our hunger. Because of the friendly atmosphere and excellent service, we struck up a conversation with the wonderful couple seated at the table next to us, and we may even have made some new friends as a result! We will be coming back.

Excellent cuisine and a vibrant setting

Excellent cuisine is served in one of Melbourne's most popular and charming laneway cafés. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was lively, and the cuisine at the cafe was the icing on the cake. Whether you are just passing through Melbourne or live here permanently, laneways are an absolute must-see.

A romantic meal for two

Both the chicken salad and the lamb cutlets were mouthwateringly wonderful. The cutlets were delicious, and my spouse would eat them again. Staff members who are happy to chat. The only negative aspect was the presence of smokers walking by, which was not the restaurant's fault.


Manchester Press

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address8 Rankins Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9600 4054


Bircher Love

For me, the bircher stood out among the selection of bagels on the menu, and it did not let me down in the least!! It was packed with flavour and really satisfying (a decently sized quantity)! The service was really attentive and cheerful, and the coffee was also of high quality. My coworker indulged in a bagel, and they said it was delicious. This establishment comes highly recommended!

The finest bagels ever!!!

We decided to give Manchester Press a shot for breakfast after reading some positive reviews of the restaurant and realizing that it was only a short walk from our hotel. The best choice... both the coffee and the bagels are really generous. We sampled a smash made with avocado, mascarpone and berries, as well as one made with bacon and banana. Absolutely delectable, and it definitely hits the spot. The staff was very pleasant.

Excellent location for breakfast and coffee.

The bagels are fantastic, and the menu features some quite straightforward selections in addition to some mind-blowingly enormous and flavorful bagel creations. I ordered the acai bowl, which was not only enormous but also quite good and packed with flavour. We will most certainly return to this location.

Awesome bagels and vibe!

When I was in Melbourne, one of my goals was to find a good restaurant serving breakfast. The Manchester Press appeared, and that certainly was an outstanding supper! We have to place your name on a waiting list because it is tucked away in one of the alleys in the Chinatown neighbourhood. We were able to get in really quickly, which was a blessing. I ordered the New York Lox, and holy cow, that smoked salmon was the most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth! This dish is so hearty and rich, yet very delicate. Absolutely adore it, and I would be interested in going there once more!!! Incredible location!


Cafe Insieme

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9663 3264

A delightful discovery

A cute location tucked away in the alleyway that is secluded and away from the major streets. We had the marinara and chicken and avocado pasta dishes, both served with wedges on the side. Every meal was excellent, had a respectable portion size, and was delicious for the price.


This morning, we came here for breakfast, and both the food and the service were outstanding. It was a testament to the one man who handled everything by himself. Serve. Barista, chef, etc. Cleaner. Checkout. He was alone responsible for it. The only thing I could pick on was the portions, which were on the lesser side.

I just adore coming here for breakfast! Excellent Coffee!

After finding it during our trip to Melbourne the previous year, we couldn't wait to get back to Cafe Insieme. Once more, we were treated to outstanding service and a lovely breakfast. I can personally recommend the avocado toast with scrambled eggs:-)

Lunch at the Causeway

We arranged to have lunch with our sons at a hip restaurant that was located just next to the Bourke Street Mall.
We had a wonderful day at cafe insieme, which is one of the many eateries or cafes that are located on the causeway.
The dinner was delicious, and Greg was very patient and polite throughout the whole experience.
Served fast and with a wide variety of options.
While I dined on chicken risotto, the lads tucked into pancakes.


Patricias Coffee Brewers

$, Cafe, Australian

AddressLittle Bourke St &, Little William St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 434 595 885


Unquestionably remarkable

The destination to travel to in order to get very, really good coffee. A straightforward arrangement that gives priority to takeaways. The coffee has greatly impressed me with its high quality and has left a lasting effect. Will unquestionably suggest it to everyone.

Wonderful Cafe

Patricia's Cafe is a very well-known establishment in the area that is known for its delectable coffee, Danish pastries, and finger food. It is cramped, and there is no sitting; but, if there is room, you can stand there instead. It would be foolish not to.

Excellent baked goods and coffee.

Discovering this hidden treasure of a coffee shop is an endeavour that is well worth the energy and effort invested. It may be a little bit off the beaten path, but the coffee is excellent (try the batch brewed filter or the pour-over), and the pastries are really delicious. There is a line that frequently extends out the front door, and there is a very good reason for this!

Find the treasure!

The location presents a number of challenges. There are no obvious signs pointing in the direction of the cafe, but it's really not that hard to discover. We need to do some googling. Genuine coffee connoisseurs should not miss this undiscovered treasure. There is no other location that can compete with the level of warmth and expertise displayed by the staff working here. The coffee was of the highest quality. The aftertaste was very delightful. I adore the sophisticated ambience in particular. Very warm and inviting. A wonderful spot to hang out and meet folks from the surrounding area as well as from all over the world who are looking for coffee with life.


Dip In Cafe

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address20-22 McKillop St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 3 9670 5379


Cute place, wonderful service

It's a very quiet little setting (for a Sunday), it has a lovely vibe, and the staff is amazing, making it a great spot for a small party to settle down and enjoy some coffee. After we had a little bit of a discussion, the great server who took care of us brought out a complimentary serving of chips to go along with our coffees. He also was extremely nice. Strongly suggested for all.

A time for brunch

This is a fascinating location! I wasn't sure what the atmosphere was like, but I enjoyed my lunch, and the experience was great all together. I think using bread bowls as dipping vessels is a pretty ingenious concept. Never before have I come across a location that specializes in such a thing. Although the bread was a little too crunchy for my taste and may have been a little overcooked, I will most likely return. The dressing on the side salad was fantastic, and the sweet potato chips had a nice texture and crunch to them.

A joyful cry of the heart

After reading some favourable reviews, we decided to get brunch there. At ten in the morning, there was no one in the cafe; perhaps the morning commuter rush had ended. I went ahead and got a chai latte, and it turned out to be quite tasty. The breakfast itself was enormous, and there was a rich variety of dips available.

Beautiful, bountiful breakfast

I was wandering about on a Sunday morning when I came across this gem. Excellent coffee and a wide menu featuring a variety of fascinating and novel course alternatives. The dish of Shakshuka, which consisted of a rich, spicy tomato foundation, baked eggs, and a side of spicy beans, was delicious on two fronts. Hash browns served alongside mushroom insanity: an incredible combination. The interior of the hash browns was chewy and flavorful, while the exterior was crispier than usual. Very generous serves. inevitably returning for more The employees were really kind, and they provided service that was attentive and passionate. The decor was one of a kind and unusual, making it a topic of conversation. Couldn't ask for more. Try your hand at it.


The Little Mule Co.

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: 19 Somerset Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone: +61 3 9670 4904

Could stay out here for the whole day.

I especially like the banana bread and flat white. This is an absolute crown jewel. And once you do, you'll make this your go-to hangout for the foreseeable future. The service is pleasant, and while you wait for your food and coffee, you may make use of the several mobile phone charging stations that are lined up along the wall. Will be returning in the future!

The best breakfast ever!

On Saturdays, come here for brunch with your group of pals. Every single one of our breakfasts was delicious. The service was impeccable. The coffee was outstanding. It's incredible what that chef was able to accomplish in such a constrained cooking space. This hidden bistro is definitely one that should be sought out.

A hidden gem for sure

We were looking for some street art when we happened onto this cafe as we were down a side lane. We are really happy that we did. Because it is removed from the commotion of the main streets, there is less noise and more tranquillity there. It was also very full, giving the impression that it is frequented by residents, which is always a positive indicator. It is reasonably priced in comparison to other parts of Melbourne, and the staff is warm and welcoming. In addition, there are board games for you to play while you are having your breakfast or lunch. Delightful eccentric location! Would visit this place once more.

The food was quite wonderful, and the coffee was also very tasty.

When we came here for the first time a few weeks ago, we indulged in a mouthwatering breakfast and some quite remarkable coffees. Due to the fact that we use soy milk and the fact that I am unable to consume caffeine (which means that the only option available to me is decaf), it is not easy to locate a good coffee shop that meets our needs; nonetheless, this establishment did not disappoint.
Just a few days ago, I came back, and the food was much better than before, and the man with brown hair (perhaps the manager?) was very pleasant and assisted us in making our food selections. We each got the beverage that we had previously ordered, however, this time my soy milk was separated. To tell you the truth, it wasn't a big deal because it has happened to me before (I am so aware that soy is a finicky little fluid), but when I went to ask for another one from a new cashier, it wasn't received very well. Even though I apologized for having to return it to him, I believe he still regarded it as a direct attack on him personally. After I had shown him what the issue was, he essentially asked what the problem was. He was like, "Dude, my coffee has bits in it!" He was pretty impolite but made another one, which was the same as the first. It was very kind of the manager to apologize and explain why the beans and milk probably didn't go together very well. As a result, I wasn't charged for the extra item, which I deeply appreciate. I don't want the grumpy kid to ruin the review, so I encourage you to go there since, if you're not picky like me, the coffee will be fantastic!


Captains of Industry

$$ - $$$, Australian, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly

Address: Level 1, 2 Somerset Place Cbd, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

The city's finest coffee

Because I moved to Melbourne in 2012, I now consider myself to be a coffee connoisseur. This establishment offers, by a wide margin, the finest coffee in all of Melbourne. Even whole coffee beans for use in your own kitchen can be purchased. Their baristas are quite welcoming, and they will even grind the beans for you. Go visit Captains ☕️

Avo was smashed to death for it.

My husband eats here on a regular basis when he is working at Melbourne Tattoo Company on the second floor, and he suggested that I give it a try so that I could see what all the fuss was about... I gave it a shot, and he was totally right; the avocado with the pit removed tastes amazing. Simply wonderful in each and every respect. The flat whites were consistently excellent, and the staff was always friendly and eager to answer any questions I had. I will most certainly come back for additional coffee. Due to the fact that the window seats look down onto the city street below, they provide an excellent vantage point for people watching. Love!

Astonished by the feedback that was negative

When I first started going to this cafe, which was probably around five or six years ago, I took quite a few of my close friends with me. Consistently, it delivers the goods for us. The coffee, the food, and the service all were of the highest quality. As a consequence of this, the fact that there have been some negative reviews comes as quite a shock to me. In spite of this, there is a chance that this undiscovered gem will never become another hip diner; you know, the kind of place where people only attend because they want to be seen by their contemporaries. This one is superior to that one; it has been around for longer even though it is located in a less convenient place due to the fact that it is of such great quality.

A delicious meal following the tattoo.

In honour of the completion of my wife's tattoo, which took place in the parlour on the second floor, we toasted with some drinks. The tattooist suggested the Negroni, and it turned out that his suggestion was absolutely right on. We made the decision to stay for a little while to eat, and the three of us—including the one of us who has celiac disease—could not have been happier about the decision.

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