Why Local Representation Is Important When Investing in Australia

Foreign Investment can be a tricky and confusing process. Having professional representation to be your eyes and ears on the ground are pivotal in ensuring you get the best deal, as well as follow all the legal requirements of the country you are investing in.

At ARE Property we are your sounding voice and safety net to ensure your property purchase is smooth and stress-free.

In this month's newsletter, we have partnered up with Treasha Lim, whom for the last 2 decades has headed our Research and Property Advisory team in Melbourne. Originally from Singapore, Treasha moved here 30 years ago. In Melbourne, Treasha works with accountants and fund managers to provide their clients with Property Advice.

Today, we’re going to tap into her years of experience and pose commonly asked questions from our viewers.

Many investors from Malaysia don’t realise the importance of Professional Representation

Let us help you understand the value and importance of professional representation in Australia when you're looking for your next big investment.

Save Time

Many first-time investors adopt the Least Efficient investment research approach. Unless you know specifically what you're looking for it can be difficult to navigate through the amount of information out there.

When you make contact with numerous agents you will be overburdened with a number of brochures. These brochures don't address the vital investment decision factors which such as:

• Demographic studies
• Local Demand & Supply factors
• Future Infrastructure planning

You can delegate that part of the process to experts who can help you save months of research and know that the advice you are receiving is accurate and reliable.

Save Costs

• Direct access
• Reduced marketing expenses
• Reduce the number of middlemen involved

One-Stop Service

• Accountant
• Property Management
• Tax Advisor
• Pre-Settlement Inspections
• Monitor project progress
• Building Inspections
• Quantity Surveyor

Throughout the process, you will be backed up by a team of Finance and Property Advisors who can strategise with you to grow your property portfolio successfully.

Why Us?

We understand you
• The ARE Team members are from South East Asia
• We were once first-time investors
• We’ve helped over 700 Malaysians and Singaporeans successfully tap into this market to build wealth for their future
• We’ve refined this process to ensure a seamless and most importantly financially rewarding experience for you.


KL and Melbourne's office offers Malaysian clients easy access to us. It also makes us more accountable as you can visit us and it shows we have been here for the long haul to service you.

• 11 years in International Real Estate
• 20 years in Melbourne real estate
• Combined 31 years!

Knowledge / Credentials

Many investors enter the Australian market via the recommendation of everyday real estate agencies without first hand nor proper knowledge of the local market.

Jolene is a Licenced Valuer in Malaysia and we both hold degrees in Construction and Property Investment Management. We are also associated with a Wealth Advisory firm providing, Tax, Wealth Advice, Fund Management and Lending services. Needless to say, we approach property differently.

Our Business Model

Real Estate Agents are sales focused. We’re motivated to help you achieve your investment goal(s), which often involves wealth building. That means, your relationship with us involves:

• Education – Priorities investment goals, understand the market and opportunities.
• Planning and Strategy – Financing, buying timeline, focus on properties that complement your specific investment goal/s.
• Advocacy – We look for properties to suit your specific goals rather than build a stock list of properties to sell.

We strongly believe that if you are able to achieve your goals or to set them by taking a simple step forward. We are happy to speak with you personally.

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